Vegetable & lentil soup
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Vegetable & lentil soup

Vegetable & Lentil soup – part of your 5-a-day

So everywhere you go we hear talk of 5-a-day but as I am discovering, within the world of Nutritional Therapy, it is more common to talk about 10-a-day. Yes 10! If that leaves you quaking in your boots wondering how an earth you can manage 10 portions a day than fear not as a big … Continue reading

Vegetarian diet for kids….Good or bad?

A friend recently rang me all a fluster asking what I thought about vegetarian diets for young children? I’m not a vegetarian and when faced with a question like this, out of context, I had no idea how to respond. It transpires that her daughter’s nursery has recently introduced a new vegetarian menu and this … Continue reading


Steamed salmon on a bed of cannellini beans

To follow up my recent post on omega 3 & 6 here’s a little recipe using salmon to get the ball rolling. Steam cooked and drizzled with Virgin olive oil (post cooking) to ensure that our ingredients maintain as many of their natural properties as possible. And with a taste injection from the cannellini beans … Continue reading


Embracing good fats – essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6

I alluded some time ago to my new adventures studying to become a clinical nutritionist and whilst I’m only in year 1 of 3 (and hence no expert!) I hope to share a few little pearls on here from time to time. It is also the reason why my food posts have been a bit … Continue reading


Asian inspired beef noodle soup

I love Asian inspired soups and noodles for their burst of colour and vibrancy of flavours. They are also a healthy alternative for light summer suppers as often involve little fat, as is the case with this noodle soup. This recipe is a hybrid of various things I’ve seen over the years on Master Chef, … Continue reading


Chocolate Tray Bake with Strawberries & Cream

British summer time + Wimbledon tennis = strawberries and cream in our household! Add in a chocolate tray bake and you have the makings of an even more luxurious treat for an afternoon tea in front of the tennis! ingredients: 50g cocoa, 6 tbsp boiling water, 100g softened butter, 200g caster sugar, 3 eggs, 125ml … Continue reading


Sweet Chicken & Butternut squash curry

I’ve often written about my love of curry on this blog and whilst I generally opt for a mouth-tingling hot variety I’ve recently had to scale down the fire for the love of my family! Cooking for a toddler and a curry-hating husband I’ve had to get creative with flavours and spice to find a … Continue reading


Strawberry Jam

So I arrived in the UK this week to find my mums garden bursting with strawberries and a note on the table saying “pick as many as you can”! With my mum holidaying in France it has fallen to me to look after the veggie patch which is no mean task as it’s pretty big … Continue reading


Slow cooked Aga lamb

I’ve just had a wonderful week back home in England and inevitably much of it was spent eating and catching up with friends and family. I love how when sat round the kitchen table over a hot dinner it feels like no time has passed since I was last home. Strangely comforting and yet surreal … Continue reading

Feeding the Family

Originally posted on Kalila Community:
Whenever I get together with other mums one of the things that nearly always comes up in conversation is food, diet and how to best feed the family. Concerns vary from what type of food to be giving younger kids to older siblings who won’t eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetables to…


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