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    Food glorious food, there's nothing quite like it! I'm lucky to live in Italy with it's rich food culture but at the same time I am proudly British and love our food fusion and flair for creativity. My blog pays homage to both with industry news, recipes, interviews and much more....
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Energy boosting breakfast – personalise your muesli

Make your own Muesli – for a nutrient rich and personalised DIY breakfast Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. A balanced breakfast provides energy and helps support blood glucose balance after we have essentially fasted during a night’s sleep. For optimal energy it’s good to get a good balance of carbohydrates … Continue reading

Bone broth…old fashioned remedy having a modern day revival

I can’t tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes at hearing the following…. “When I was young… we had a roast on Sunday, cold meat or pie on Monday, and Broth on Tuesday” ” We were always given chicken soup when we had a fever” It seems that our ancestors did indeed … Continue reading

Chicken Liver Pate – a cunning way to get my husband to eat liver!

Liver! Love it or hate it. Soo many people I know can’t bear the taste of liver, but from a quick and dirty survey of friends and family, many of them love pate. So could this be the answer. The answer to what (you might ask?). The answer to introducing organ meat into my family’s … Continue reading

My first foray into Empanadas

This was an accidental experiment in that when I entered the kitchen in search of some inspiration I had no idea what I may end up cooking that day. All I knew was that I fancied pastry, and when my book fell open at Empanadas a small spark was ignited. I tasted Empanadas for the … Continue reading

Super-worm noodles for tea!

Super worm is super long…super worm is super strong… and so goes the much loved Julian Donaldson story. If like mine, your kids are super fans of her books then they’ll love this vegetable noodle stir fry with its super worm noodles and its a great dish for adding in a wide variety of vegetables … Continue reading

Back to school Porridge!

The holidays are over and life, as I know it, has returned to its rhythm of school runs and studies. So too has our diet returned to normal and the ice creams and summer specials are a near distant memory. It’s back to cooking and providing the family healthy plates to give them the energy … Continue reading

Don’t wholeg-Rain on my parade!

There is a common moan in our house which is gathering pace each time I serve up a classic bowl of pasta, made with the wholegrain cousin to spaghetti, penne, mezzi rigatoni, fusilli and so on…. and so forth. Who is the owner of this moan? My husband, the archetypal Italian breast-fed on pasta, weaned … Continue reading

Hearty Lamb casserole

Spring is in the air and there is nothing better (in my mind) than a delicious lamb casserole. In my last article Confused by food… I talked about easy one pot cooking and this is a perfect example. The main task is chopping ingredients and the rest takes care of itself as you can quite … Continue reading

Holy Moly – Guacamole!

If like me every time you hear the word Guacamole you go into a fully fledged impression of Austin Powers “Holy Moly Guacamole!” (yes, I’m showing my age!) then this recipe is for you. I’ve spent the last few weeks creating food plans for clients as part of my clinical training to become a Nutritional … Continue reading

Confused by food….lets be friends!

Food glorious food…lets be friends! Eating healthily really begins with understanding food and choosing foods which fuel our body and give us the energy we need. I often hear people say they can’t cook or are intimidated by recipe books or quite simply they just don’t know much about food so this article is a … Continue reading