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    Food glorious food, there's nothing quite like it! I'm lucky to live in Italy with it's rich food culture but at the same time I am proudly British and love our food fusion and flair for creativity. My blog pays homage to both with industry news, recipes, interviews and much more....
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Don’t wholeg-Rain on my parade!

There is a common moan in our house which is gathering pace each time I serve up a classic bowl of pasta, made with the wholegrain cousin to spaghetti, penne, mezzi rigatoni, fusilli and so on…. and so forth. Who is the owner of this moan? My husband, the archetypal Italian breast-fed on pasta, weaned … Continue reading

Lamb, pumpkin, leek & butterbena casserole

Hearty Lamb casserole

Spring is in the air and there is nothing better (in my mind) than a delicious lamb casserole. In my last article Confused by food… I talked about easy one pot cooking and this is a perfect example. The main task is chopping ingredients and the rest takes care of itself as you can quite … Continue reading


Holy Moly – Guacamole!

If like me every time you hear the word Guacamole you go into a fully fledged impression of Austin Powers “Holy Moly Guacamole!” (yes, I’m showing my age!) then this recipe is for you. I’ve spent the last few weeks creating food plans for clients as part of my clinical training to become a Nutritional … Continue reading


Confused by food….lets be friends!

Food glorious food…lets be friends! Eating healthily really begins with understanding food and choosing foods which fuel our body and give us the energy we need. I often hear people say they can’t cook or are intimidated by recipe books or quite simply they just don’t know much about food so this article is a … Continue reading


Just one word….Hummus

It has taken me a while to complete my series on Israeli food following my trip last summer but here I am with the centre piece of all Israeli tables…hummus! I’ve been in love with hummus for years and have bought every variety known to mankind from deli’s and supermarkets but nothing quite beats the … Continue reading


Griddled aubergine with garlic, lemon and pomegranate seeds

One of the things I loved in Israel was the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice which was amazingly sharp and sweet at the same time. This dish carries the pomegranate seeds perfectly and is delicate, fragrant, citrus and yet smooth. The only downside is that 4 aubergines amounts to very little flesh so you’re left wanting … Continue reading


Meaty beef Kofta

Somehow I managed to miss eating Kofta in Israel although I certainly ate my fair share of kebab so when I saw this recipe I had to try it. The picture in Ottolenghi’s book “Jerusalem” makes these Kofta jump off the page and unfortunately my pictures below don’t quite do them justice but the taste … Continue reading


Beetroot Puree with (or without) greek yoghurt

So I have recently returned from a trip to Israel and have been inspired both by the food I ate there and by my new love, Yotam Ottolenghi, to try a few recipes from his fabulous book “Jerusalem”. I test drove this recipe recently with friends as part of a mezze starter and then recreated … Continue reading


Monday night’s Moules Marinière

I have fond memories of my Erasmus year studying in Le Mans, France many many years ago. And part of my education whilst there was falling in love with French cuisine; pavé du bœuf, charlotte framboise, coquille saint Jacques, foie gras…the list is endless. One of the cheaper student favourites was moules-frites in one of … Continue reading

Sugar 2

Sugar Sugar Sugar….the challenge facing kids today!

There is no escaping the current global debate on childhood obesity and the rise in refined carbs and sugars in our modern diets but, how do we make sense of it all? And what’s the best approach for families with young children? I should start by saying there are no right or wrong answers. As … Continue reading


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