In the words of chefs

At Food and Foodies Simone and I have recently been working on our new restaurant guide for Milan which we’ve developed a round the central theme of “recommendations”. Unlike other guides that look for consumer rating and votes, we decided we wanted to create a guide that puts the power “of words” back into the hands of chefs.

Chef Cesare Battisti @ Ratanà

Each restaurant that features in our guide has been recommended by another chef giving it credibility and more importantly an “endorsement” from an industry peer. We want chefs to be able to talk with passion about their own restaurants but also to tell us where they go to eat on their days off, with their families and friends.

Chef Francesco Passalacqua @ Pane e Acqua

The beauty of this guide is that you know that a chef will only eat “quality”. It’s not about prices or prestige but about where you can get a good meal for a good price with good quality. The mix so far has been interesting with chefs giving us not only their top restaurants but also their top Pizzerias, Chinese, Japanese, Osterias, and Trattorias.

Chef Viviana Varese @ Alice Ristorante

Chefs live and breathe food everyday so who better than a chef to recommend a good place to eat. We are discovering for ourselves just how much hard work goes into creating a good menu and so when chef’s are off duty they really just want to be able to enjoy food like everybody else. Our new guide at Food and Foodies gives a previously unseen insight into each restaurant with behind the scenes footage and interviews with the Chefs, Owners, Maitre D’s, Sommeliers who all contribute to the overall success and ambience of a restaurant. A guide recommended by chefs, after all we think they know what they are talking about.

Chef Tano Simonato@ Tano passami l’olio

Food and Foodies restaurant guide is currently available at


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