Feeling Fruity? Mix it up with these great summer smoothies!

Fruit – love it or loathe it there is no denying that the summer months are fruit-a-plenty and there are lots of ways to incorporate it in your diet. My husband is what I like to call “fruit shy” and so, like a child, I have to entice him with bite sized fruity nibbles or better yet disguise his 5 a day in smoothies and shakes. So why do so many people resist the goodness of fruit (and vegetables) and what are they missing out on?

I’ve spent the week getting fruity in a photoshoot for a range of iced tea infusions and whilst my fridge was full of deliciousness I took the chance to try out a few new smoothie recipes courtesy of my “Smoothies and Juices” book from marks and Spencer,and also read up on the goodness each fruit gives me.

I discover that not only are blueberries classed as a superfruit thanks to the significant amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin C and fibre that they contain but that they are also a great source of iron. Good to know!

Raspberries are often credited with having healing properties and rank at the top of the fruit chart for their high level of antioxidants. They also have one of the highest fibre contents as well as Vitamins C and B making them a great choice to spinkle on your cereal or add into a smoothie.

Mixed Berries Smoothie recipes

1.Very Berry Smoothie – 50g Blueberries, 50g Raspberries, 300ml milk, 2tbsp natural yoghurt, 1 tbsp syrup

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until nice and creamy and serve into tall glasses.

2. BlueBerry Thriller   – 125g Blueberries, 100ml greek or natural yoghurt, 100ml water

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and serve in tumblers. Save a few berries to sprinkle on top for decoration.

3. Mixed Berry Booster  – 50g Blueberries, 50g Raspberries, 300ml live yoghurt, 1 tbsp honey, sesame seeds, crushed ice. Mix all the ingredients in a blender and serve in a tall glass.


Having eaten my way through two baby watermelons I was curious to find out if there was anything other than water in them and if so what? Turns out they are 92% water and 6% natural sugars with a decent serving of Vitamin C as with most fruits so bottom line…good for rehydrating yourselves in the hot summer months.

Watermelon Smoothie recipes

1.Tropical Watermelon Smoothie – 1 wedge of Watermelon c.600g, 2 small bananas, 225ml coconut milk

Remove seeds from watermelon and cut flesh from skin. Peel and slice bananas. Mix all the ingredients in a blender until combined and serve in a chilled glass.

2. Watermelon Whizzer   – 1 wedge of Watermelon c.350g, ice cubes

Remove seeds from watermelon and cut flesh from skin. Process the melon in a blender until smooth and serve in tumblers over the ice cubes. Serve with a wedge of melon.

3. Watermelon Sunset   – 1 Watermelon (halved),  6 tbsp ruby Grapefruit juice, 6 tbsp orange juice, Dash of Lime

Remove seeds from watermelon and scoop the flesh into blender. Add in juices and blend well. Serve in tall galss with finger of Watermelon as a stirrer.


Pink grapefruits have always been a favourite of mine and I love both the fruit and the juice. I’ve long been known to add in a little pink grapefruit juice to a gin tonic to give it an extra kick. It turns out that eating a wholegrapefruit will give an average adult more than the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C and that grapefruit is also credited with reducing cholesterol. Fans of the grapefruit diet claim that its low glycemic index help the body burn fat more easily and whether true or not it has been proved that the pink and red varieties contain beneficial antioxidants, perhaps a more rational reason for eating them.

Grapefruit Smoothies

1. Wake up Grapefruit Sweetie – 3 large sweetie Grapefruit, 150ml sparkling water, 1 tbsp honey (to taste). Kiwi and yoghut to garnish.

Halve and squeeze the juice from the grapefuit and pour into 2 glasses. Top up with water for a sparkling morning jucie and add honey to taste. Serve with a slice of kiwi and a tbsp of natural yoghurt on the side.

2. Ruby Everyday – 1 large pink / ruby Grapefruit, 100ml iced water, 100g greek yoghurt, 1tbsp honey or golden syrup. Slice of Grapefruit to garnish.

Peel and quarter the grapefruit and discard pips. Add into blender and mix with water until smooth. Add in honey o golden syrup and blend once more and serve in tumbler with slice of Grapefruit to garnish.

3. Grapefruit 50 /50 – 1 large pink / ruby Grapefruit,2 oranges

For a slighter sweeter taste halve and squeeze the juice from 1 Grapefruit and mix with the juice of 2 Oranges for a 50/50 morning juice.


I fell in love with Kiwis (the fruit!) whilst travelling through New Zealand, particularly the gold variety which are unfortunately harder to come by here in Europe. However the green ones do just as nicely and are a regular in my fridge when in season. I usually buy them to add colour to a fruit salad which I know is not the most nutritionally-led reason for buying kiwis but the vibrant green works wonders to brighten up the bowl!

I had a vague recollection that kiwis were good for Vitamins C and E, boosting hair and skin, but I did not know that they also have a mild laxative effect thanks to the high levels of dietary fibre they contain so watch out those of you with a craving for Kiwis as you may get more than you bargain for!

Smoothies with a Kiwi kick

1. Kiwi Detox – 4 Kiwi fruit, 1 Mango, 350ml Pineapple juice, 4 fresh mint leaves

Peel the Kiwi fruit and chop into chunks. Cut the mango into slices as close to stone as possible and scoop out flesh. Add all ingredients and blend well and serve in chilled glass.

2. Cool Kiwi – 4 Kiwi fruit (peeled and quarted), 200ml traditional / old-fashioned lemonade, ice-cream or sorbet to garnish

Mix Kiwi and lemonade in the blender and serve in an open glass. Drink alone or decorate with a scoop of raspberrry ice-cream or sorbet for a colourfeul dessert.

3. Kiwi and Lime Shaker – 2 Kiwi fruit, Juice of 2 limes, 150ml milk, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 400g vanilla ice-cream

Blend the milk and lime juice together until combined. Add in the Kiwi fruit, sugar and finally the ice-cream and mix till smooth. Pour into glassed and decorate with Kiwi slices and lime peel.


Lemons and Limes are often seen as merely an accompaniament and not fruit in their own fruit. We will wince our way through a lemon slice to lesson the burn of a tequila or squeeze lime wedges to make a mojito more tasty but how often do any of us sit down and peel a lemon to eat? Never. That’s not to say that lemons and lime cannot be enjoyed for what they have to offer which is a low calorie and high Vitamin C juice which when mixed with other flavours can be quite enjoyable.

Citrus Smoothies

1. Lemony Surprise– Juice of 1 Lemon, 1 tbsp chopped Parsely, 425ml Sparkling water, 2-3 tbsp brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients well in a blender (add in sugar last) and serve in tall glass with a straw. The Parsley lessons the acidicy of the lemon juice and adds health-giving properties.

2. Traditonal lemonade – 125ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 tbsp grated lemon rind, 150ml water, 6 tbsp sugar, 6 ice cubes, Sparkling water to serve.

Bring the water, sugar and lemon rind to the boil in a small saucepan and stir for 5 minutes once boiled.  Remove from heat and leave to cool before stirring in lemon juice. Transfer to jug and leave to cool in fridge for 2 hours. Once chilled take 2 glasses and rub the rim with lemon wedges and dip the glasses in sugar to create a frosting. Remove the lemon syrup from the fridge and pour over the ice in each glass until 1/3 full. Top up with the sparkling water and stir. Serve with slices of fresh lemon.

3. Rise and Shine Lime – 1 lime, 4 tomatoes, 85g grated Carrot

Squeeze the juice from the lime and place in blender with tomatoes and grated carrot. Sieve mixture into glass and serve with chunk of lime.

My fruit journey finishes here for now but this week I intend to endulge in some juicy peaches which I’ve just seen in the market and perhaps I’ll find time to try a few more smoothies. One thing is for sure, we’ve eaten more fruit in the last week than we have in a long while and whilst I know the benefits of each and every one of them my husband remains blissfully unaware of the goodness he’s swallowing meaning smoothies haven’t yet entered into his category of “if it’s healthy it must be bland and disgusting” alongside muesli and everything wholemeal!

recipes from “Smoothies and Juices” printed for Marks and Spencer plc © Exclusive Editions 2006.


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