Chilling with Pause Iced Teas at the Foodies Festival in Battersea

When Susan at Pause for Tea invited me to help out at this years inaugural Foodies Festival in Battersea park little did I know that we’d be serving over 1500 iced teas in two days That’s a lot of tea!

The Foodies festival has long been promoting great food around the uk with events in Bristol, Oxford, Edinburgh but never before in London. This years Battersea launch had been greatly anticipated not least by local businesses looking for the chance to showcase their wares in and around the capital. For Pause Tea it couldn’t get much better. With a base in Balham it was a short stroll to Battersea park, albeit weighed down with circa 150 litres of iced tea each day!

The show attracted some big names with Harvey Nichols, Bennet Oyster Bar & Brasserie, Costco Wholesale, Hendrick’s Gin, Tregothnan, Yakult all showcasing their brands. The seriously strong Cheddar team created a fantastic ploughmans display made entirely from fruit and vege in a bid to win the world record for the world’s largest ploughman. The display was made from over 1 tonne of seriously strong cheddar (which I should add was pretty damn tasty!), 21kg of lettuce, 60kg of tomatoes, 1500 spring onions, 6500 pickled onions and over 100 litres of pickle. Did they get their world record? I couldn’t say as I was busy serving tea on the other side of the park!

As well as the big names the crowds undoubtedly came to discover the newer names on the Foodies circuit and to sample home-made, artisan products which ranged from ice-creams, curry sauces, asian sauces, salamis, cheeses, butter-free chocolates, botanical chocolates, bread, cakes, afternoon teas, ciders, pies and much much more. Over at the Pause for Tea stand we were flanked on our left by the lovely ladies at Blueberry Hill Cakes, Rachel and Ella, who have recently launched their luxury afternoon tea service, delivered to your door to enjoy with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. I was lucky enough to sample their scones, chocolate brownies, mini meringues and lemon biscuits which were all divine. To our right our neighbours were the boys from Field and Flower whose home farmed meat and monthly meat packages attracted lots of attention from a public ever concerned with the quality and source of their meat. Opposite, our friends at Battle Cider kept us well oiled with their pink cider in return for a few thirst quenching and non alcoholic iced teas as the temperatures soared over the weekend.

So back to us on the Pause for Tea stand where we were showcasing 3 iced teas from the range of 10 teas on offer; Mint and Liquorice, Super fruits and a Classic iced tea with lemon. Both Super fruits and Mint and Liquorice are caffeine free infusions and popular with  mums looking for an alternative to caffeinated and fizzy drinks for their kids something that Susan was keen to promote in her 12:30 tea workshop that she gave on both days over the weekend. There was a noticeable gender preference with the ladies opting for the fruity option and the gentleman preferring the stronger kick of the Mint and Liquorice, with some turning it into a Mo-Tea-to with a cheeky splash of rum, a Pause special for the show.

The same Mint & Liquorice tea had also been put to good use over at Sciolti Chocolates who have designed a new chocolate using the infusion (closest to the camera with the green squiggle on top). Fiona Sciolti’s chocolates are literally a pleasure to behold, each intricately handcrafted, and delicious to taste with the mix of natural English country flavours that Fiona has infused throughout her range. The unique mix of peppermint and liquorice was an intriguing one with the public who either claimed to love or loathe liquorice but a few were converted having tasted the iced tea and succumbed to its thirst quenching properties.

So having brewed somewhere in the region of 300 litres of tea and served in excess of 1500 iced teas, my weekend at Foodies festival in Battersea came to an end. I take my hat off to all of the traders at the show who worked their socks off and are a great inspiration for anyone with a passion and a dream to one day set themselves up in business. I enjoyed the show as much for their stories as for serving the general public and can safely say that I was in the presence of true Foodies.


One Response to “Chilling with Pause Iced Teas at the Foodies Festival in Battersea”
  1. Susan says:

    A great summary to a manic weekend!
    And here we go again this weekend at the biggest Chilli Fiesta in the UK at Westdean Gardens near Chichester…same recipe with some added iced chai latter – the world’s best antidote to chilli mouth!

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