A cena con i grandi chef – in the hands of Executive chef Augusto Tombolato and visiting chef Fabio Iacovone

Monday 5th September I had the great pleasure to be invited by Carlo Vischi, Director of Il Gusto,  to “A cena con i grandi chef”, a series of events presented by Cucina Gourmet, Grande Cucina and Gribaudo – Il Gusto. Literally translated as “At dinner with the great chefs”, the event promotes talented and emerging chefs to industry experts by way of a tasting menu designed to showcase the participating chef’s culinary skills.

On Monday’s menu was chef Fabio Iacovone from Hotel Bellevue in Cogne who was hosted and joined in the kitchen by Executive chef Augusto Tombolato at Milan’s Westin Palace Casanova restaurant.  Together they presented a tasting menu that combined a taste of the tropical with an antipasto of smoked trout on a bed of mango and papaya followed by a rich and velvety dish creatively named “Egg of King Vittorio” with an egg yolk swimming in a fondu-esque sauce and topped with black truffles.

We then moved on to a classic risotto topped with “over-cooked” belly pork which was so tender it melted in your mouth and a main course of venison fillet cooked on hay and rock salt for a literal interpretation of wild game. To complete the meal, a classic Italian flavour combination, honey and mascarpone torte topped with moscato and washed down with a spumante “Blancpassion” supplied by the evenings wine partner Quatremillmetres vins d’altitudes.

A rich menu for an equally rich list of guests. I shared a table with Carlo Vischi, PR Marisa Cartotto, Relationship Marketing Expert, Federico Menetto and Communications and Event Organiser, Irena Vergani. Also in attendance journalist, Alex Guzzi, wine expert, Dan Lerner and many others in the world of gastronomy and beverage.

If the menu was the centrepiece of the evening the conversation at our table was a worthy side dish as we shared our various areas of expertise and current projects. I came away feeling excited and energised by the wealth of possibilities in the food industry and can’t wait to see what is next on the menu for me.








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