London Cocktail Week is coming…prepare your shakers!

London is a city like no other (obviously I am biased!) and after the recent London fashion week comes the much anticipated, and some might say more fun, “London Cocktail week“. Bars throughout the city will be throwing open their doors and inviting the discerning drinkers of London town to enter their abode, grab a bar stool and sample their wares.

Cocktails like everything else in life have evolved into a veritable art form and London Cocktail Week gives the perfect excuse to bars and barmen alike to have their moment in the spotlight. From classics like a dry martini or bloody mary to bubbling molecular master pieces you’ll find it all on offer and better still you’ll get to taste it all. Each bar will be creating a special London Cocktail week cocktail to showcase its talents and delight its drinkers so get ready to sample some surprising tipples.

Join the tour and sign up to get one of your free Diffords Guide’s wristbands* giving discounts in all participating bars.

*£10 after 10am on wednesday 28th September.


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