My weekend of good wine with friends

There is nothing better than huddling round a roaring fire with a glass of wine in hand and the company of good friends and that is exactly what I did this past weekend.

In reality, the context was a little less idyllic then it perhaps sounds as the roaring fire is the only source of heating in my lounge until the builders currently inhabiting my house install my new central heating as promised. Their progress thus far has been slow but I live in hopeful anticipation of warmth this side of christmas, she says sitting inside in hat, scarf and gloves!

The rest of the scene is however exactly as portrayed; good wine and even better friends, who took time out to swing by and visit me and my new house in Italy. Never ones to shy away from drinking my friends were delighted to discover a freshly delivered case of wine, courtesy of my new friend Riccardo Zanotto, with a mix of 4 new wines for them to taste. The brief; taste and feedback opinions to Riccardo who has recently started exporting his wines to the UK.

With glasses in hand we started with the Zanotto Colfondo, an unfiltered  proscecco,  cloudy in appearance and lightly sparkling versus a traditional prosecco. Verdict. “Mmmm I like this”. “It’s really unusual with it’s cloudy appearance but I like the fact that it is not too sparkling”. “It’s much more drinkable then champagne, less acidic”. In other words, the girls approved.

We then moved onto the Doschei Wine, the yellowy wine previously mentioned on my visit to Joia. It’s a relatively light white at just 11% alcohol from Veneto, bottled by Azienda Vitivinicola La Bassetta and distributed by Zanotto. We all agreed that it was very quaffable and once again less acidic than other whites for example versus a pinot grigio. The two bottles were greatly appreciated over the weekend so once again a hit.

Here I have a confession to make as despite having two more bottles to try we then moved on to red and sampled a bottle of Podere Marconi Rosso di Toscana 2007, an earlier gift from friends with links to the vineyard, which by the way was very smooth. An easy drinking Tusan wine with a bit of a punch at 14.5%.

The good news is that my weekend of wine is not yet over as I have a Prosecco DOC di Treviso by Azienda San Rocco and a Colfondo Casa Belfi awaiting and rest assured they will be tasted!

To order Zanotto wines online visit;

For further information on Podere Marconi visit;

One Response to “My weekend of good wine with friends”
  1. Alison G says:

    As one of the aforementioned friends, and as a keen white wine drinker, I can add that i thought both examples of the cloudy white wines were excellent!! The Zanotto Colfondo served as a lovely pre-dinner drink and the light Doschei Wine was perfect to accompany Claire’s delicious turkey dinner.
    Many thanks Claire for a great weekend, lovely to see your new home, and to Riccardo Zanotto for a fresh and very quaffable selection of wines!

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