In discovery of the real Martini with some of the UK’s top bartenders

When Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi launch Martini in 1863 who would have known what a global icon the brand would go on to be. With bartenders the world over mixing Martini cocktails daily how many of them really know the origins of the brand and the expertise behind the products?

The answer. Eight of the UK’s top bartenders recently invited by Martini for an all access trip to their headquarters in Pessione, Italy the 7th-9th November . And as luck would have it, I was privileged to tag along for the ride thanks to my recent collaboration with Luca Pirola and TheBar srl who organised this trip for Martini.

Giuseppe Gallo, Global Brand Ambassador for Martini was in prestigious company as he hosted a special group of the UK’s top bartenders for the “Martini Beautiful Drink” programme in Italy. His guests, Agostino Perrone, Connaught Bar, Erik Lorincz, American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, Sean Ware, Bombay Sapphire, Stefano Cossio, 45 Park Lane, Richard Woods, Floridita, Stuart McClusky, Bon Vivant in Edinburgh, Luca Cinalli from the newly crowned “best UK bar” Nightjar, Agnieszka Sikorska, Groucho Club and Andrew Mark Ives, Editor at Bar Life UK.

So what is the “Martini Beautiful Drink” programme? An exclusive insight into the world of Martini with a behind the scenes tour of the Pessione distillery, Botanical centre, Martini museum, Aromatic Plants museum, Martini Terrazza and of course hands on contact with Martini products.

As well as learning about the history of Martini wines and Vermouth, guest bartenders were given exclusive access to Martini’s head herbalist Ivano Tonutti and Martini artisan Beppe Musso, and in a final twist were invited to make their very own Vermouth.

Even for some of the UK’s top bartenders finding the right balance between the different botanicals was a tricky task and their Vermouths ranged from being too little to overly spiced, a great test to see how well they could distinguish the ingredients in the secret Martini Vermouth recipe using just their taste buds!

The trip then transferred to Milan, home of Martini’s iconic Terrazza in Piazza Diaz where the 2011 final of the Martini Gold Cup competition was being hosted. Guests were treated to a molecular master class courtesy of Nottingham Forest Cocktail bar’s Teo Rizzolo and Edy Veshaj before being asked to demonstrate their own signature drinks.

Agostino Perrone and Erik Lorincz wowed with their personalised Connaught Bar Martini whilst Luca Cinalli showcased a Martini-inspired new entry and Stefano Cossio with a 45 Park Lane Martini classic.  Beautiful drinks prepared by the UK’s top bartenders. A fitting end to this edition of the “Martini beautiful Drink” programme.

Organised in collaboration with Luca Pirola and TheBar srl.


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