Probably the best Mincemeat pies ever!

My quest for the perfect Christmas dinner continues and today’s main accomplishment are my mincemeat pies made with my very own puff pastry. High Five! For years I’ve been negligently tucking into my nanna’s mincemeat pies without knowing just how much work went into the pastry and now I feel like king of the kitchen!

For the Italian readers amongst you don’t be confused by the mincemeat which is actually a sweet mixture of dried fruits that we use a lot in British cookery, especially at Christmas. There is no meat involved and these delicacies are best enjoyed warm with a spoonful of brandy butter on top.

I’ve used up half of my pastry mix making 24 mincemeat pies and and have left the rest for my sausage and bacon rolls which I shall brave tomorrow.

For now I’m going to hang up my oven gloves and tuck into a mincemeat pie.

Recipe for Mincemeat Pies


1x batch of rough puff pastry (see recipes in baking section) or 1 x pack of shop bought puff pastry

2 jars of Mincemeat


Roll out your pastry if using homemade to circa 5mm thickness or open your packet of pastry.

Using a round cake cutter or glass cut out your individual mincemeat pie bases and place into a greased  pie tin.

Place one heaped teaspoon of mincemeat inside each pie.

Cover with a complete round of pastry or alternatively with your preferred shape as per the stars above.

Place in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees and bake for 15-20 mins or until golden.

Turn out onto a cooling rack and then store in an airtight container.

Sprinkle with a little icing sugar.

Enjoy hot with brandy butter or cream!


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