Recipe: Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Ingredients: Good Beef Fillet (Ideally Aberdeen Angus) – 1kg / 2lb 4oz, Olive Oil, 2 x packs of shop bought puff pastry (rectangular), 200-250g mushrooms, thyme, 12 slices of prosciutto crudo (parma ham), 1 beaten egg for glazing, flour, Cling film.

Preparation: 30 mins + c. 60 mins roasting (in 2 seperate occassions)

  • Preheat the oven to 200 C and roast the fillet of beef in a little olive oil for c. 20 mins for medium rare and 30 mins for medium and then chill the meat in the fridge whilst you prepare the mushroom pate’.
  • Chop the mushrooms as finely as possible (you can also use a blender but be careful not to liquidise them) and then fry them in a pan with no added liquid so that you cook off any excess liquid from the mushrooms themselves. Throw in some thyme to flavour them. The mixture should stick together once cooked sufficiently without being too dry.
  • Lay 2 large sheets of cling film on a work surface and place the 12 slices of prosciutto in two slighly overlapping rows. They need to cover the length of the fillet. Spread the mushroom pate along the centre of the prosciutto and take your fillet from the fridge and place it on top. Now use the cling film to help wrap the prosciutto around the fillet and draw both ends to a close like a sausage. Chill in the fridge (with the cling film still wrapping it) whilst you prepare the pastry.
  • Unroll both packs of pastry and place on a lightly floured board or if using home-made pastry roll it out to two pieces of c. 18x30cm and 28x36cm. Once your fillet has rested, remove the cling film and place on the smaller piece of pastry. Drape the larger piece of pastry over the top of the fillet and seal the edges with a little of the beaten egg. Make sure to seal the edges well and then trim off any excess pastry
  • To decorate use the back of a knife to mark diagonal lines along the length of the wellington taking care not to cut through the pastry.
  • Brush the entire wellington with the beaten egg to give a nice golden colour and place into the centre of a hot oven 200C for c. 25-35 mins for medium rare and 35-45 for medium. Leave it to rest for 10 mins before slicing.


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