Recipe: Out with the Easter Eggs and in with Easy Easter chocolate crunchies

So Easter is just around the corner and chocolate fever is mounting as the supermarkets hoist a million one branded eggs onto us in a bid to boost sales and beat their flagging targets. Call me a pessamist but not much Easter spirit in that! So I went back to the kitchen to find something quick and easy that you can make with the family for a more sociable Easter treat.

Easter Sunday is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ and traditionally acts as the central feast in the Christian calendar marking the end of Lent, a forty day period of fasting. My mum, Rosie, has for years given up chocolate for Lent whilst the rest of the family showed no self restraint and happily continued munching away at our favourite sweets. In olden days people gave up luxuries of the time including eggs and sugar which is why pancake day marked the start of Lent as it was the perfect way to use up these ingredients before starting fasting.

Today, Easter is still considered a day of feasting only we have switched regular eggs and sugar for chocolate eggs and no sooner is Christmas over then the shops start stocking their shelves in preparation for Easter bombarding us with an array of special packs to boggle the imagination. Having worked for two of the world’s biggest chocolate suppliers (one Swiss, one American) I am no stranger to munching chocolately treats  but this year I’m opting out.

I’ve decided to rebel and find a “healthier” alternative to the usual milk chocolate sugar fest to treat my friends to over Easter weekend. This recipe uses bran flakes instead of corn flakes for a higher fibre snack and dark chocolate  instead of milk chocolate which has a higher cocoa content and lower sugar content, although I admit that I did resort to using mini eggs for decoration!

Easy Easter Chocolate Crunchies

Ingredients: 120g bran flakes, 50g dark chocolate 70% cacao, 25g butter, 25g / 1 heaped tbsp golden syrup or honey, 1tbsp of icing sugar

Preparation: 5 mins + 10 mins decorating

1. Place butter, chocolate chunks and syrup / honey into a large bowl and microwave at a low heat for batches of 30 seconds until melted.

2. Stir in the bran flakes and icing sugar (to sweeten) and combine well until all the flakes are covered with chocolate.

3. Take a mixture of large / small cake cases and spoon your mix into them. It should make c. 8 large cake cases + 10 smaller cake cases.

4. Decorate each crunchie with 1 mini egg.

Happy Easter!

2 Responses to “Recipe: Out with the Easter Eggs and in with Easy Easter chocolate crunchies”
  1. These are very cute looking with those little eggs on top!

  2. Karen says:

    I think your friends will be happy with your Easter treats.

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