“Aggiungi un pasto a tavola” at one of Milan’s Comunal Markets

The Comune of  Milan has recruited some of the food industries top names to give their comunal markets a facelift and encourage consumers back to shopping in one of the 26 comunal markets that denote the various quartieres of Milan. For a long time neglected and superceded by the 95 weekly street markets and continued growth of super markets, the comunal markets have lost their appeal of yesteryear and are no longer the hub of the community as they once were.

All this is about to change with “Aggiungi un pasto a tavola” the first of a new range of initiatives launched to remind consumers of the quality on their doorstep and of the importance of buying fresh, local and seasonal produce. In collaboration with Identita Golose and sponsored by the magazine La Cucina Italiana, the Comune of Milan has enlisted heavy weight celebrity chefs Viviana Varese (Alice), Carlo Cracco (Cracco), Aimo e Nadia Moroni, Pietro Leeman (Joia) and Davide Oldani (Ristorante D’O) to each adopt a market and design a bespoke menu, the products for which you can find in their individual markets, for a total spend of €20! Yes €20 to feed four!

Kicking off the 19-20-21 April in unison with Milan Design Week (Il salone di mobili) when the city will be alive with activity, “Aggiungi un pasto a tavola” (Add a dish to the table) works as follows;

1. Visit any of the 5 Markets participating in the activity; Morsenchio, Wagner, Prealpi, Ticinese, and Ca’Granda

2. Grab a menu card from one of the volunteers at the entrance

3. Start shopping!

4. The menu card contains just the ingredients that you’ll need for your celebrity chef menu. As you shop you’ll receive a stamp (bollini) from the vendors and once you arrive at five stamps (worth €5 donation to charity) you can return to the volunteer and claim your free shopper and recipe cards with the instructions on how to prepare your menu.

5. The charity link is  a great way to ensure that all Milan residents can partecipate in great food regardless of their budget. Each market will choose a local charity to support to put money back into the very community that lives in the area.

The popular magazine La Cucina Italiana has jumped on board to support the cause and has re-issued a back catalogue of the magazine from 15th December 1929 in which the culinary issues of the day are debated. You can find your free copy in your gift shopper at the markets. Today’s issues, according to the magazine, are all about getting the best quality for the best value and by quality they intend fresh seasonal produce and not the heavily discounted promotions. “Eating well is all about choosing wuality ingredients and knowing how to prepare them” as they told us at the press conference to launch the event.

Also on hand at the press conference were out five celebrity chefs to talk through their menus and experiences of shopping at the market. Cracco told how for him shopping with a €20 budget was easy as he’s used to keeping a tight budget in the restaurant and for him its not just what you buy but how you then transform the ingredients into a tasty dish with the right recipe. Viviana Varese has long been a fan of markets and from the moment she opened the michelin starred Alice restaurant she has hand picked produce from various markets to guarantee the freshness and quality she desires for her dishes. Leeman, in his own words,  struggled with the budget but made sure to use every part of the ingredient to get the most from his money. Visit the 5 featured markets and collect these michelin inspired menus and see for yourself!

Aggiungi un pasto a tavola

19-20-21 April 2012

Mercato: Morsenchio, Wagner, Prealpi, Ticinese, and Ca’Granda


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