Restaurant review: A 90th birthday celebration at Montevecchia’s Terrazze di Montevecchia

We recently discovered the beautifully positioned Terrazze di Montevecchia in Brianza, Italy which has commanding views over the terraces of Montevecchia and further afield the mountains surrounding Lecco and Lake Como. A small agriturismo who’s principle business is wine the Terrazze di Montevecchia opens it’s doors each weekend for lunch and dinner in their beautifully restored cantina high on the hillside in Montevecchia and we liked it so much that we booked to go back this sunday to celebrate the 90th birthday of my husband’s nonna (grandmother).

As with many businesses in Italy this is a family run affair and the ambience reflects this. On arrival guests are invited downstairs for a pre-dinner or pre-lunch aperitivo and chance to taste the Terrazze Brut and on hand to give further information on the 5 wines produced on their 10 hectares of land are the owners themselves. The cantina also provides a relaxed environment in which to interact with the other diners which in a normal restaurant or agriturismo wouldn’t necessarily happen so it makes the experience all the more sociable and enjoyable.

Obviously, getting down to the serious business, the wines are all available to purchase and if you can’t decide on which one you can buy a sample box of 6 bottles; 1 brut, 2 Red, 2 White and 1 Grappa for c.€60 including a gift of a stainless steel bottle carrier. This is a great way to try all of their wines before commiting to buying a case of one singular wine.

After our glass of bubbly we’re invited back upstairs to take our seats in the main restaurant area which like the cantina is a beautifully restored area with exposed brick work and antique furniture throughout. The menu changes weekly and is based on local specialites with Terrazze di Montevecchia forming a cooperative and exchanging products with other local agriturismo’s so on the first page of the menu you can see where all their cured meats, cheeses, meats and vegetables are sourced. In return they supply their wines and so everyone is a winner.

The menu itself is very simple with only 7 dishes; 1 antipasto, 1 primo, 2 secondi, formaggi (cheeses) and 2 dolce and on offer yesterday we had antipasto of mixed cured meats and salami served with bread and vegetables (roasted peppers), a refreshingly light risotto with tomatoes, thyme and lemon, beef ribs served with roasted potatoes and greens, pork fillets served with polenta, a selection of local cheeses (principally local goats cheese) and 2 desserts; 1 torte and 1 cream of yoghurt with fruit coulis which we bypassed as the owners had kindly made us a 90th birthday cake for nonna.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the dishes themselves as I was engrossed in the moment (and of course in eating!) and so you’ll have to take my word for it that they were beautifully presented and delicious. Everything is cooked fresh to order so waiting times vary depending on how full the restaurant is, but then I like that. Portions are just right and the flavours are sublime as all the ingredients are local, in season and super fresh.

We drunk a bottle of the Pincianell which is a light, slightly sparkling red with our antipasto and then moved on to a bottle of the fuller bodied Cepp with our main. The Cepp is barrelled for 1 year and has the oaky undertones which I personally quite like in a wine. The Pincianell was also a pleasant surprise as I am not usually one to endulge in sparkly reds but on a hot day at lunchtime it worked quite nicely.

Just 40 minutes outside of Milan, Terrazze di Montevecchia is an ideal place for a weekend treat and surrounding it you have the national park of Montevecchia so for those of you who like a little exercise you can walk your meal off afterwards!

Terrazze di Montevecchia

Via Alta collina 12



Tel: 039 933 1111

Opening hours: Thurs-Sat evening and Sunday lunch


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