Pimm’s o’clock with a rhubarb and lemon Pimm’s-infused jelly

It’s getting hot hot hot here in the north of Italy and in search of something cool and refreshing for a lunchtime dessert I recently made some cheeky little Pimm’s, rhubarb and lemon jellies as part of my ongoing campaign to get Italians to fall in love with rhubarb. Things are gathering momentum and so far a fair number of friends have been converted to the delights of the red “ramo” or stalk as we’d say.

My rhubarb plants have had a recent growth spurt and are suddenly producing more than I can eat so I’m constantly looking for alternative recipes and these jellies were inspired by the champagne rhubarb jellies that my mum regularly makes topped with whipped cream (or mascarpone) and a slice of fresh ginger. Having decided that Pimm’s was my alcohol of choice for the day I set about making these super easy desserts to see if I could convert a panel of 2 rhubarb haters and 1 rhubarb virgin.

Pimm’s infused Rhubarb & Lemon Jellies

Ingredients: 6 stalks of rhubarb, c.150ml water, c.1ooml of Pimm’s, 2 tbsp dark brown demerera sugar, 1/2 pack 135g lemon jelly, juice from 1 fresh lemon

Preparation: 15 mins + chilling time

1. Remove the leaves and wash and chop the rhubarb into large chunks. Place in a large pan with the sugar and water and bring to the boil.

2. Simmer for a couple of minutes until soft and then remove from the heat.

3. Add in the chunks of jelly and stir until completely dissolved.

4. Lastly stir in the Pimm’s and fresh lemon juice and decant into glasses or 1 large dessert dish.

5. Chill in the fridge until the jelly is completely set.

6. Serve au naturel or if you prefer topped with some whipped cream, mascarpone or creme fraiche and a fresh mint leaf.

These make a really refreshing summer dessert with just the right combination of sweet and sour.


3 Responses to “Pimm’s o’clock with a rhubarb and lemon Pimm’s-infused jelly”
  1. Karen says:

    Your dessert looks refreshing. What did your panel of tasters think…especially the rhubarb haters? I bet you changed their mind. We have been having strange weather in Maine…unusually cool and then unusually hot. Really not typical for this time of the year. I hope you get a break in the heat.

    • Good point, I forgot to say. Well one rhubarb hater was converted (largely by the flavour of the Pimm’s I think!) whilst the other opted not to try the jelly. Meanwhile the rhubarb virgin, who had literally never seen rhubarb until I showed her the plant, seemed to like her first experience so here’s hoping she’ll go on to try it again. As for the weather, it certainly seems like it’s behaving a bit crazy everywhere. Let’s hope it settle down soon.

  2. Beautiful rhubarb. It really is pimms-galore here, I love using it in cooking and have done recently. This sounds delightful.

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