Fabulous fried zucchine flowers fresh from our garden!

I don’t know why this trend hasn’t caught on yet in the UK but one of the first things I was introduced to on arrival in Italy was fried zucchine (courgette) flowers and they are simply delicious. Over the years as friends have come to visit I have taken them to my favourite pizzeria in Milan which serves these flowers as a starter, nicely salted and often with a squeeze of lemon and I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t liked them.

And so it was with much excitement last week that we picked our first 12 flowers from our own plants and sauteed up a delicious little starter for my father and sister-in-law along with fried sage leaves. I should also say that we picked our first zucchine too which we ate on kebab sticks with red onion and feta but for now I’ll keep the focus on the flowers.

This dish couldn’t be simpler to prepare as all you need is flour and water, or better yet beer and flour, to make a smooth paste in which to dunk the flowers before frying. The same paste can also be used for the sage leaves.

Ingredients: Flour, water/ beer, zucchine flowers, sage leaves, lemon

Preparation: 10 mins

  1. There is no way to precisely measure the quantities of flour and water/beer for this batter. I find it best to judge by the consistency so you can start with a couple of tbsps of flour and add in water/beer until you reach a smooth but slightly heavy / sticky batter as you need the batter to adhere to the flowers and sage leaves. Use a sage leaf to test the batter. If it doesn’t run off the leave then it’s fine. If it is too runny then simply add in a tiny bit more flour. Once made you can also chill the batter before use.
  2. When you’re ready to cook, heat a large fry pan with a generous helping of olive oil.
  3. Coat each flower in the batter mix and once the oil is hot start frying. The flowers will need c. 1-2 mins on each side but again go by sight. Once nicely golden they are ready to serve.
  4. Drain on a piece of kitchen roll to soak up any excess oil and then sprinkle with salt to serve.
  5. I also like a squeeze of lemon with mine!
  6. Repeat this process with fresh sage leaves for another yummy little starter.
4 Responses to “Fabulous fried zucchine flowers fresh from our garden!”
  1. Indeed – I’ve never come across them here in the UK. I;d love to give this a go though – they are so pretty and I’ve heard that they taste so nice.

  2. Karen says:

    I love fried zucchini flowers and liked that you prepared the sage leaves the same way. I have also had the blossoms stuffed…do you do that as well.

    • Hi and yes I have had them stuffed although I’ve not yet tried to do it myself. They are so delicate that I need to find an easy recipe to try with but I will give it a go at some stage.

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