A Murray mound to cheer on a champion

This year I’ve been a slave to both the French open and Wimbledon watching ridiculous amounts of tennis per day and quite literally finding myself unable to move during key matches. Yesterday I watched Serena Williams thrash it out with the ever impressive Shvedova whilst Sharapova succombed to the fantastic play of Lisicki which I was secretly most pleased about as I can now enjoy a reprieve from Sharapova’s incredibly annoying grunting! I’d just settled in for the Murray match versus Marin Cilic when the rain arrived and play was suspended leaving me to watch a frankly boring Djokovic match under the roof of centre court against fellow countryman Troicki which resembled nothing more exciting than a knock about on the practise court, dull!

So with the Murray match first up on court one today I thought it only fitting to post a little Murray mound of my own to cheer on our champion. My mound is a protein packed plate of griddled fillet beef strips on a bed of grilled peppers and courgettes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Come on Murray!!!!

Ingredients: (for 4 people) 1 large fillet beef sliced into strips, 1-2 courgettes, 1 red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

Preparation: 5 mins + 15 mins cooking

  1. Slice the fillet into strips and leave to cook last. Do not season yet as salt causing a lot of the moisture to leave the meat.
  2. Wash and prepare the vegetables, slicing the courgettes diagonally to create oval slices and cutting the pepper into strips.
  3. Heat the griddle pan and first cook the pepper which needs a good 5-8 mins.
  4. Once cooked, place on serving plate and griddle the courgette, turning part way through to ensure both sides are nicely browned.
  5. Lastly cook the fillet strips for a c.1 minute on each side for medium (less for medium rare and longer for well done).
  6. Place on top of the cooked vegetables and now drizzle with the olive oil and salt to flavour.

ps. no oil is needed on the griddle itself. Cook all ingredients naturally with the heat.

5 Responses to “A Murray mound to cheer on a champion”
  1. Murray annoys the pants off me. I’m hooked on tennis all year round and try to follow or listen to as many of the main tournaments as possible. That food looks amazing :D. Come on Federer. By the way, have you seen my recently posted Wimbledon cake? 😀

    • I know, he’s not always the most endearing but he’s all we’ve got! I’m still a Federer fan too. Yes, I did see the cake and looks fabulous, it’s just a shame I don’t have a deft hand for sponges although I’m slowing trying. I made an easter chocolate sponge cake but that was my last effort. If I were a little closer I’d ask for a lesson!

  2. cuminseeds says:

    Dish looks yummy but I agree with frugalfeeding that Murrary is completely annoying!

  3. Karen says:

    A simple but delicious sounding meal for summer.

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