Fridge-raiding Cheese on Vege for supper

After 2 weeks in the UK I have alas come home to an empty fridge complete with one mouldy cucumber and a pear on the verge of exploding! Having spent the best part of my two weeks doing morning coffee, lunch, tea and cakes and dinner with various friends and family my waistline could really do with a helping hand but one of the things I’ve really missed whilst away is cheese as surprisingly I’ve barely touched it in these two weeks. Luckily the only thing in my fridge with any food left in it is my cheese box.

This dish of Cheese on vege is an easy and delicious supper bursting with flavours from the griddled vegetables and happily married with the rich creamy texture of cheese. I use a round cow’s milk cheese called Tomino which has the consistency of a mini brie but is much lighter and fresher making it the perfect accompaniment to the griddled vegetables, and vaguely healthier than just cheese on toast!

Ingredients: Courgettes, Red or Yellow peppers, Aubergine, Fennel, Celery, Red Onion (Any vegetables of your choice that can be griddled), Mini Round Soft cheeses such as Brie, olive oil, salt and pepper

Preparation: 15 minutes

1. Slice your chosen vegetables into slices / lengths suitable for griddling.

2. Heat the griddle pan and once hot lay your vegetables on.

3. After c.5 mins turn and cook on the otherside. Whilst cooking place the mini cheeses on top of the vegetables to warm through.

4. Cook until the vegetables are nicely lined by the griddle pan and the cheeses are hot making the centres gooey and delicious.

5. Plate up and drizzle with some virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper.


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