Sponsored recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Tortellini tossed in butter and sage.

The last in my series of recipes using Alibert Pasta Fresca products is the Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano e Prosciutto crudo – with parmesan and cured ham – which ordinarily I like in soup but given their challenge to cook directly in a pan with the sauce of my choice I’ve opted to cook very simply in butter with some sautéed sage.

When Alibert very kindly sent me a goody bag of their fresh pasta products I was sceptical as to whether or not they would perform. The idea of not cooking pasta in water goes against every thing we are led to believe but so far both the gnocchi and ravioli have  come out on top, cooked directly in a sauce. In the case of these little tortellini I’m going one step further by eliminating the sauce and trying to cook just in butter in the hope that by being so small they will absorb enough to actually cook.

I’m not a fan of convenience food per se but this range of pasta leans towards being that rare beast of mass produced but premium “deli” tasting pasta that, whilst not as good as traditional homemade pasta, offers a very real solution to the everyday needs of “time poor” post work cooking. Ready in an instant. So quick and easy you don’t even need water. Just pour directly into a sauce and heat. Perfect for the urban lifestyle of many.


Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano e Prosciutto crudo – Pan cooked in butter with sautéed sage leaves

Ingredients: 250g Tortellini (half the 500g pack), 50g butter, 4 large sage leaves,  salt and pepper to taste, grated parmesan

Preparation: The Alibert pack instructions say to use 250g of milk or sauce to 250g pasta but I bucked the trend and thought I’d see if the tortellini, being a smaller variety of pasta, could be pan cooked directly in butter. Once my butter had melted I first added the chopped sage leaves and allowed to sauté for a few seconds and then simply tossed in the pasta and covered for the first minute so that the heat was contained and then cooked for a further minute uncovered.

As the tortellini pasta are so small I found that they cooked better than expected in the pan with a minimal butter sauce. I will also try the Alibert instructions with milk to compare but in the spirit of innovation the pasta seems to perform well even without liquid. Covering the pan for that first minute is I think crucial as it harnesses the heat in the pan in the absence of a sauce and the end result was perfectly cooked.

For additional recipes you can visit the Alibert web site where each product filling comes with suggested recipe options. Currently they are only available in Italian but the new multi-lingual site is under construction and so soon you’ll be able to find all recipes translated into English, French, German and Spanish.



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