Delicious dishes in the Dolomites and a Kaiserschmarren sharing plate.

Another summer holiday and another foray into the land of delicious dishes in the Dolomiti. For the second year running we returned to the Dolomites in northern Italy for our summer holiday, this year with a three week baby in tow, and whilst we primarily go for the great trekking and scenery, the food is also a key part of our experience. The dolomiti menu is packed full of hearty Austrian dishes such as Goulash soup, Apple, Strudel, Bread Canederli dumplings and so on and so forth which I absolutely love. This year it was even more appealing as we couldn’t do our usual high altitude walks so instead we packed the baby into our Baby Bjorn and trotted about in search of great food.

First on our list was the renowned Malga Gostner. Famed for its use of meadow flowers in its dishes we’ve already had the pleasure of sampling the evening tasting menu but this year we opted for the slighty easier lunch time menu accompanied by friends and their young daughter. Between us we tried a classic pasta pomodoro (incredibly delicious for such a simple dish), Goulash and Canederli bread dumplings, home made ravioli and for dessert fresh yoghurt (shown here below), Kaiserschmarren (pancake-like dessert) with apricot, honey and flowers and a sweet ravioli filled with rhubarb and wild strawberries. Needless to say not much walking was accomplished on that day! We did however manage a trip to neighbouring hut the next day to try their famous Krapfen (doughnuts), yum!

Fresh yoghurt with rose petals

Kaiserschmarren with apricot & honey

Our other favourite lunch venue is DiBaita which sits on a ridge just above our apartment and has unrivaled views of the mountains, especially at sunset. Their speciality dish is braised ox cheek with red onion which whilst delicious does have an uncanny knack of sticking with you for a couple of days thanks to the onions. This is precisely why my husband opts for it every time leaving me to suffer the dreaded onion breath!! A large portion of strudel with vanilla custard goes some way to eliminating it.

Views from DiBaita

We even managed to have 2 nights out over the course of our 2 weeks in the mountains and both times we headed to our favourite evening venue of Rauch hutte overlooking Sasso Piatto here below. One of the dishes that I fell in love with was their home made potato raviolo (think gnocchi but bigger) filled with spinach and cheese. I then bucked trend and opted for a steak rather than a traditional dolomiti dish but wow, what a great steak! Served with fresh salad from the hutte garden it was, after 9 months of not being able to eat my meat rare, exquisite!

Enjoying the late afternoon sun at Rauch Hutte

As you can see, the camera didn’t get much of an outing on our days out so much of what we ate remains in our memories as opposed to here in print but I leave you with a recipe for the classic kaiserschmarren with red currant jelly which makes for a great alternative to pancakes.


Ingredients: 150g flour, 100ml milk, 100ml cream, 6 egg yolks, 6 egg whites, pinch of salt, splash of rum (optional), 40g sugar, 40g raisins, icing sugar to decorate, oil and butter for frying


1. Mix the milk, cream, flour, egg yolks and rum and beat into a smooth batter.

2. whisk the egg whites with the salt and sugar and then gently combine into the batter.

3. Heat the oil in a large fry pan and toss in the batter with the raisins and leave to cook well for a few minutes before placing in the oven at 200C for 3-5 minutes.

4. Once cooked, use a fork to break into chunks, sprinkle over the icing sugar and return to the heat with the butter to caramalise the sugar (See image above)

5. Serve with red currant jelly. By breaking the pancake / omlette up it makes for a great family sharing plate.

All that remains is to sit back and enjoy the view!


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