The first Christmas dinner of the season

I love Christmas!

Last weekend we had our first Christmas lunch of the season with a mixed group of Anglo-Italian and German friends which inevitably led to an ecclectic array of dishes reflecting our various traditions. To say we ate well is an understatement as there was enough food to feed a small army but we gave it a damn good try!

So what was on our menu?

From the UK we adapted a classic roast turkey and instead served xmas stuffed chicken breasts with a stuffing of sage, onion, lemon and apple. Alongside this we introduced the Germans to Yorkshire Puddings which led to a heated discussion on why so many savoury dishes are called puddings or other confusing names in English… think steak & kidney pudding, and mincemeat that isn’t in fact meat! This leads on nicely to our dessert of mincemeat pies, christmas pudding and brandy butter.

Representing Italy was stuffed veal with garlic and spinach served with a light jus.

And in the german corner we were treated to hazelnut schneckennudelkuchen. Try saying that after a few wines!

Recipes for all with follow shortly but for now I shall leave  you with a few shots of our Gluttony.

Stuffed Chicken cooked  Stuffed Chicken uncooked

Mince Pies & Pastry Sablee



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