Chilli minestrone with wholemeal bread and Parmesan

Soup, soup, soup….I love a good soup! With winter finally kicking in (it’s snowing!) after some unseasonably balmy weather what better excuse for a good soup. I never follow recipes as I like my soups to be a bit of a pick and mix so they tend to reflect the contents of my fridge on that given day.

This minestrone is no exception although it does blend together a few recipes from here in Italy; a classic minestrone + Tuscan bread soup. The only important thing is that you use fresh ingredients (not mouldy old vege from the bottom of the fridge!) as the flavour comes from the goodness that you put in.


ingredients 1 onion, clove of garlic, 1 leek, 2 sticks celery, 1 carrot, 1/2 small green cabbage, 1/2 courgette, handful of spinach leaves, 1 litre vegetable stock, chilli seeds, rolled barley, stale wholemeal bread, chilli oil, Parmesan, salt & pepper.

1. Chop the onion, garlic and celery and fry off in a splash of the chilli oil for a couple of minutes.
2. Roughly chop the leek, carrot, cabbage, and stir in before adding the litre of stock and a couple of generous handfuls of the rolled barley.
3. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30-40 mins with the lid on.
4. Chop the courgette and spinach and add this in along with the roughly chopped bread. Season with some salt and pepper and simmer for a further 10 mins without a lid on. Stir it occasionally to make sure the bread soaks in.


5. Serve with a splash of olive oil and generous amount of grated Parmesan.


2 Responses to “Chilli minestrone with wholemeal bread and Parmesan”
  1. Great dish for the cold weather we are having here.

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