Strawberry Jam

So I arrived in the UK this week to find my mums garden bursting with strawberries and a note on the table saying “pick as many as you can”! With my mum holidaying in France it has fallen to me to look after the veggie patch which is no mean task as it’s pretty big and between watering and picking could become a full time job!

So first up it would appear are the strawberries! At first glance there are a few kilos to be picked and sure enough my first batch renders 2kg of fruit which I transform into 9 jars of deliciously sweet jam.

Making jam is relatively easy but it can involve a little bit of patience to get the right consistency. This was my first attempt and I borrowed a recipe from Frugal Feeding who is a master at jams (check out his blog at Having increased the volumes from the original recipe I had to simmer for a little longer before my jam was ready to be jarred. The results look amazing and I’ll be testing it out on the family later today!

2 kg strawberries
1.2 kg sugar
Juice from 2 lemons
30 mins prep + 2 hours resting + 40 mins cooking.
1. Top and half the strawberries and then weigh them out to get to 2kg prepared fruit.


2. Place in a large mixing bowl with the sugar and lemon juice and mix well. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for a minimum of 2 hours.


3. Once rested transfer into a big jam pan and bring rapidly to the boil. Then leave to simmer for c20 mins


4. To test, place a small plate in the freezer whilst your mix is simmering. After 30 mins spoon a small amount into the dish and leave for a minute to see if the surface wrinkles. If not then continue simmering and re-test every 5 mins. With such a large quantity I had to simmer for 40 mins before I achieved the right consistency.


5. Whilst all if this going on sterilise your jars by placing then in a hot oven for 10-15 mins and then allowing to cool.


6. Once your jam is ready, transfer into the jars and place waxed paper on the top of each before closing. Leave to cool and enjoy on hot toast, scones or as a filling to cakes, mixed with natural yoghurt and in a million other ways!



One Response to “Strawberry Jam”
  1. Nothing as good as homemade strawberry jam.

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