Welcome to An Eye for Food

An eye for food combines my three passions; Food, Photography and Marketing Communications.

I’m lucky to live in Italy with it’s rich food culture but at the same time I am proudly British and love our food fusion and flair for creativity.

I think of food in much the same way as fashion. Some classics just shouldn’t be meddled with such as a classic pasta pomodoro or shepherds pie but at the same time food should be fun and everyone needs a few experimental dishes in their wardrobe.

I like to talk food through my photos and stimulate the visual senses. If my pictures make you hungry than I’ve succeeded!

As Sting once sang “I’m in Englishman in New York” or in my case “I’m an Englishgirl in Milan” and here my story starts.

Milan may be the capital of fashion but my first love is food. What could be more famous than the Italian diet with millions of restaurants worldwide touting their own version of pizza, pasta and risotto.

So who am I?

Claire Sambolino. An English girl living in Milan, with a love for food, a camera, and a long career in marketing and communications.




For enquiries regarding marketing services, photography projects or use of any of my images please contact me at:

Contact: Claire Sambolino

Mail: aneyeforfood@gmail.com

Twitter: Aneyeforfood

Facebook: Aneyeforfood


8 Responses to “About”
  1. vinicooksveg says:

    Hi Claire , you have lovely blog. Loved the recipes! Would love to read your future posts!

  2. Carole GENTY says:

    whouauh Claire, i did not know you had this blog!! beautiful, I love! David says we’re coming for diner next saturday -)!!!!! bisous Carole

  3. I’m kind of the other way around: an Italian living in London, hehe. Good luck in Milan!

  4. Thanks for following me, I look forward to reading (and maybe trying) some of your delicious recipes!

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