Claire Sambolino Contact Card_without mobile

Please feel free to contact me for more information on my range of services for restaurants, chefs and food businesses;

  1. Marketing & Communications Strategy
  2. Photography
  3. Translation Italian – English (Menus, Web, Signs & promotional communications)
  4. Copy Writing Italian- English
  5. Graphics (Menus, Posters, Promo cards)


Contact: Claire Sambolino

Twitter: aneyeforfood

Facebook: aneyeforfood


Portfolio: Events, Product reviews, Posters, Menus, Promocards, Photography, Press releases, Translations (Italian-English)

Clients: Martini UK, TheBar s.r.l.,, Alibert, Pause Tea, Cinc Bar, OttimoMassimo, Food and Foodies s.r.l.


Martini Beautiful Drink Programme. 3 day event for 8 top UK bartenders to visit Martini headquarters in Pessione, Turin, Italy

Pause Tea launch in Italy. Importation and launch strategy for Pause Tea Uk in Italy with limited edition packs in OttimoMassimo and Cinc in Milan.

Translation Materials. Menus, articles, communication and promotional materials for Cinc, OttimoMassimo,, Food and Foodies.

Graphics: Logo design for A tavola con Titta, Promotional posters for Cinc and OttimoMassimo, Label design (and translation) for Pause Tea Italy, Promotional posters for Food and Foodies s.r.l

Photography for Restaurants incl. Tano passami l’olio, Alice ristorante, Pane e Acqua, Ristorante macelleria Motta, Ratana, Nicola Cavallaro, La Brioschina, Trussardi Cafe

Photography for Wine Bars incl. Vino al Vino, Enocratia, Vinodromo

Photography for Cocktail Bars incl. Nottingham Forest Cocktail Bar, Cinc,

Photography for Bakeries & Patisserie incl. Le Cose Buone, La Brioschina, Sissi, Martesana Pasticceria

Photography for Courses & Events incl. A taste of Milano, Pani e Mani breadmaking course, Barchef & Molecular Mixologist Cocktail Course, A cena con i grandi chef, Le Grand Fooding, Per tutti i gusti,


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