Sponsored recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Tortellini tossed in butter and sage.

The last in my series of recipes using Alibert Pasta Fresca products is the Tortellini with Parmigiano Reggiano e Prosciutto crudo – with parmesan and cured ham – which ordinarily I like in soup but given their challenge to cook directly in a pan with the sauce of my choice I’ve opted to cook very … Continue reading

Sponsored Recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Ravioloni with sautéed courgette and mint

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve been testing various fresh pasta products from renowned producer Alibert, experts in luxury fresh pasta that can be cooked traditionally in boiling water or more innovatively directly in the pan with sauce. I’ve loved the flexibility of having these two cooking methods as it not … Continue reading

In discovery of Alibert Pasta Fresca – Part two “Truffle Hunting”

………..continued Next up I decide on the Gran Raviolo with white truffles on the basis that it’s best to start the pasta with one of the more prestigious and delicate flavours, truffles are after all known as the “diamonds of the kitchen”.  Every year some friends of ours go to the region of Alba to … Continue reading

In discovery of Alibert Pasta Fresca – Part One “Adventures in Gnocchi”

Every now and then I get approached by a company to write a product review or article in English to showcase their range and more importantly put them in touch with a new consumer base. This was the case with Alibert, La Pasta Fresca Italiana, producers of fresh Italian pasta who recently sent me a … Continue reading