Chocolate Tray Bake with Strawberries & Cream

British summer time + Wimbledon tennis = strawberries and cream in our household! Add in a chocolate tray bake and you have the makings of an even more luxurious treat for an afternoon tea in front of the tennis! ingredients: 50g cocoa, 6 tbsp boiling water, 100g softened butter, 200g caster sugar, 3 eggs, 125ml … Continue reading

From lemon drizzle to orange delight…another drizzle!

Well I warned you! After my lemon drizzle comes an orange-tastic delight and I predict that before long they’ll also be a grapefruit version joining the family! What I really loved about making this cake the first time round was just how simple it was. One bowl. All the ingredients together. And mix. This really … Continue reading

Date and Apricot Teabread

My local fruit and vege shop recently had a delivery of the most delicious dates from Israel and whilst I am a fan of local produce and zero kilometer etc I have to confess to positively drooling over these dates and subsequently purchasing a whole kilo for way too much money! Now these dates were … Continue reading

A Lemony drizzley dream!

I recently revived my childhood favourite dessert of Lemon meringue pie and whilst on a roll with my love of lemons I have since turned to a Mary Berry Lemon Drizzle dream. The great thing with a tray bake, as I discovered, is that you literally bung all in the ingredients together and beat. Hooray! … Continue reading

Porridge, Pumpkin seed & Cranberry Muffins

Thank goodness for muffins! Quick, easy, fool proof and delicious. As winter advances I’ve decided to take my porridge oats on a culinary road trip and add them in to everything from muffins to crumble. Surely they all become healthier that way?! Anyway the real excuse for these muffins was afternoon tea with a few … Continue reading

Marmalade Sponge Pudding

So I recently wrote about making marmalade with my mum but what I failed to admit was that I’d had my own abortive attempt beforehand. Whilst I managed to tick all the boxes on flavour, the consistency of my marmalade left a lot to be desired so what better way to transform it then in … Continue reading

Pear & Chocolate upside down cake

Pears, pears and more pears and all from the one tree. I don’t know how folk in olden times kept up with picking, pickling and preserving their crops but it’s exhausting! I’m turning my hand to a more immediate treat with this cake as reward for the last few weeks endeavours. ingredients 150g butter, 25g … Continue reading

Coconut Boobies. A fairly healthy sweet treat!

So it’s a new year and a new start for many as new year resolutions and diets are top of the agenda. My own resolution is to pick up where I left off on my exercise regime and continue eating healthily. I’m not a fan of diets and as such could never willingly give up … Continue reading

Sabine’s super Schneckennudelkuchen

For those of you who followed my recent “Christmas dinner” post I made mention of my German friend Sabine’s “Schneckennudelkuchen” that she kindly made for our dessert. Despite being quite possibly one of the hardest things ever to pronounce, the recipe is in fact very simple and in terms of description the closest thing I … Continue reading

Chestnut and Chocolate Cake

Chestnut season has officially arrived! How do I know this? Because last week my friendly neighbours kindly bought me a basket big enough to feed a small army which left me with the challenge of what on earth to do with so many chestnuts. After boiling and roasting a few I decided to scour the … Continue reading