My first foray into Empanadas

This was an accidental experiment in that when I entered the kitchen in search of some inspiration I had no idea what I may end up cooking that day. All I knew was that I fancied pastry, and when my book fell open at Empanadas a small spark was ignited. I tasted Empanadas for the … Continue reading

Spicy Beetroot Chutney

My mother has been the world’s biggest fan of beetroot for as long as I can remember and on one of her recent trips to visit me in Italy I was presented with 4 big ones. She no doubt hoped I’d cook them up so she could indulge from home to home but alas there … Continue reading

Fridge-raiding Cheese on Vege for supper

After 2 weeks in the UK I have alas come home to an empty fridge complete with one mouldy cucumber and a pear on the verge of exploding! Having spent the best part of my two weeks doing morning coffee, lunch, tea and cakes and dinner with various friends and family my waistline could really do … Continue reading

The big “Cheese” at Bra is coming”…let the countdown begin

With the bi-annual “Cheese” festival in Bra, Italy fast approaching I went to visit one of my favourite cheese producers DeGust in Bressanone to see what they have in store for this year’s festival. The eighth edition of “Cheese” takes place from the 16th to the 19th September at Bra, Piedmont and is once again … Continue reading