Sweet Chicken & Butternut squash curry

I’ve often written about my love of curry on this blog and whilst I generally opt for a mouth-tingling hot variety I’ve recently had to scale down the fire for the love of my family! Cooking for a toddler and a curry-hating husband I’ve had to get creative with flavours and spice to find a … Continue reading

Simply Bollito!

Italians go crazy for bollito! At least our Italian friends do which in my eyes means that all Italians must love it! So what’s it all about? Simply put….boiled meat. The name itself gives little indication of the relative deliciousness that awaits you. Bollito literally means boiled. No frills, no further explanation given. The first … Continue reading

Christmas Stuffed chicken breasts

Why carve a turkey when you can stuff a chicken? I admit, not a question that one is faced with very often but when it arises I vote for the chicken breast any day. It’s not that I don’t love a big turkey with all the trimmings but I am a self confessed loather of … Continue reading

My love affair with Feta continues – Stuffed chicken with feta, tomatoes, olives and thyme

Having been pregnant for a large part of this year I spent a lot of time having to think about which foods I could safely eat and Feta has been my pasturised go-to cheese of the year. I love it’s taste and texture and it works well in so many recipes that I have used … Continue reading

TFIF (Thank fully it’s Friday!) – Who’s the spring chicken?

My nanna and her eccentric sisters (my great aunts) famously favour turkey (lovely and moist Bridget!) over chicken (too dry!) and whilst I like it slow cooked or casseroled in winter eg. with a good red wine sauce or gravy, I too struggle with spring and summer dishes that don’t involve frying (think Italian cotoletta) … Continue reading

Recipe: Veggie patch pride feeding into a Chicken, lime, mint & coriander tandoori

So my back aches and I have blisters between my thumb and forefinger from incessant digging but our inaugural veggie patch is now a reality, hooray! To say that we were both bloody knackered after our day’s endeavours is an under statement but if further proof be needed I even slept through last night’s penalty … Continue reading