Rice and Peas…

Rice and Peas, and no not the caribbean kind, but good old fashioned long grain rice and green peas make for a great autumn-winter rice salad as you can cheat and use tinned or frozen peas together with other ingredients easily sourced all year round.  I can’t manage to say “Rice and Peas” without affecing … Continue reading

Happy memories meandering up the Mekong in search of noodle soup

This ever-changing weather is causing chaos with my taste buds and I find myself flitting from salad on hot days to jacket spuds on cold days to soup on humid days and in particular noodle soup, a favourite of mine from my sweaty travels in South-East Asia. Now I know that in the UK you’ve … Continue reading

New Potato salad with red onion, chives and chopped mint

I’ve really got my fellow blogger at Frugal Feeding to thank for this as his post on 23rd May  http://frugalfeeding.com/2012/05/23/new-potato-spring-onion-and-wild-garlic-salad/ made me revisit the humble potato salad which for years I’ve given a wide bearth along with other mayonnaise heavy dishes such as coleslaw and coronation chicken. If truth be told I actually love all … Continue reading

Recipe: Veggie patch pride feeding into a Chicken, lime, mint & coriander tandoori

So my back aches and I have blisters between my thumb and forefinger from incessant digging but our inaugural veggie patch is now a reality, hooray! To say that we were both bloody knackered after our day’s endeavours is an under statement but if further proof be needed I even slept through last night’s penalty … Continue reading