Pear & Chocolate upside down cake

Pears, pears and more pears and all from the one tree. I don’t know how folk in olden times kept up with picking, pickling and preserving their crops but it’s exhausting! I’m turning my hand to a more immediate treat with this cake as reward for the last few weeks endeavours. ingredients 150g butter, 25g … Continue reading

Chestnut and Chocolate Cake

Chestnut season has officially arrived! How do I know this? Because last week my friendly neighbours kindly bought me a basket big enough to feed a small army which left me with the challenge of what on earth to do with so many chestnuts. After boiling and roasting a few I decided to scour the … Continue reading

Recipe: This Easter I will have my cake and eat it!

Yes I know… this proverb usually carries negative connotations but this week I’m leaning on the side of glass half full as I celebrate the fact that I can indeed have it both ways. I’ve spent the past few days awaiting the results of a glucose test and worse still the last few weeks avoiding … Continue reading

Muffin Top no more…

Today I made muffins for my sister-in-laws birthday and over lunch and a couple of glasses of wine the conversation inevitably turned to raucous laughter and this summer’s best muffin top stories. For those of you who haven’t heard the muffin top analogy let me explain. Muffin top or Dunlap syndrome as it is correctly … Continue reading