My first foray into Empanadas

This was an accidental experiment in that when I entered the kitchen in search of some inspiration I had no idea what I may end up cooking that day. All I knew was that I fancied pastry, and when my book fell open at Empanadas a small spark was ignited. I tasted Empanadas for the … Continue reading

Hearty Lamb casserole

Spring is in the air and there is nothing better (in my mind) than a delicious lamb casserole. In my last article Confused by food… I talked about easy one pot cooking and this is a perfect example. The main task is chopping ingredients and the rest takes care of itself as you can quite … Continue reading

A recipe book for success…..Feed more than your family with this little christmas gift

When I started my latest project; a recipe book for my friends and family “Finding my Italianicity”, I got to thinking about how lucky we are in the western world to live in a reality where food is a luxury, a treat as opposed to a necessity. Despite the financial crisis and with a double-dip … Continue reading