Steamed salmon on a bed of cannellini beans

To follow up my recent post on omega 3 & 6 here’s a little recipe using salmon to get the ball rolling. Steam cooked and drizzled with Virgin olive oil (post cooking) to ensure that our ingredients maintain as many of their natural properties as possible. And with a taste injection from the cannellini beans … Continue reading

Tomato, Mascarpone and Zucchini flan with aromatic herb salad

We eat more zucchini per capita in our household than any other vegetable as it is virtually the national vegetable of Italy and also one of the easiest “green” things that my husband will eat! Interestingly it is botanically regarded as a fruit, despite most frequently being referred to and cooked as a vegetable. So next time you … Continue reading

Rice and Peas…

Rice and Peas, and no not the caribbean kind, but good old fashioned long grain rice and green peas make for a great autumn-winter rice salad as you can cheat and use tinned or frozen peas together with other ingredients easily sourced all year round.  I can’t manage to say “Rice and Peas” without affecing … Continue reading

Chilly no more with Vegetarian Chilli con carne

We’re currently basking in warmth having just replaced all of our windows and doors and after surviving last winter with masking tape around many of our windows we are now officially draft free. Last year my cooking reflected the temperature of the house and we lived on a diet of soup and spice to keep … Continue reading

Sponsored Recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Ravioloni with sautéed courgette and mint

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve been testing various fresh pasta products from renowned producer Alibert, experts in luxury fresh pasta that can be cooked traditionally in boiling water or more innovatively directly in the pan with sauce. I’ve loved the flexibility of having these two cooking methods as it not … Continue reading

A Murray mound to cheer on a champion

This year I’ve been a slave to both the French open and Wimbledon watching ridiculous amounts of tennis per day and quite literally finding myself unable to move during key matches. Yesterday I watched Serena Williams thrash it out with the ever impressive Shvedova whilst Sharapova succombed to the fantastic play of Lisicki which I … Continue reading