Monday night’s Moules Marinière

I have fond memories of my Erasmus year studying in Le Mans, France many many years ago. And part of my education whilst there was falling in love with French cuisine; pavé du bœuf, charlotte framboise, coquille saint Jacques, foie gras…the list is endless. One of the cheaper student favourites was moules-frites in one of … Continue reading

Sweet Chicken & Butternut squash curry

I’ve often written about my love of curry on this blog and whilst I generally opt for a mouth-tingling hot variety I’ve recently had to scale down the fire for the love of my family! Cooking for a toddler and a curry-hating husband I’ve had to get creative with flavours and spice to find a … Continue reading

TFIF (Thankfully it’s Friday): Speedy swordfish supper

Swordfish may not be one of the most politically correct fish to be eating these days as its numbers are fast diminishing but it sure is delicious and every now and then I succumb to eating it. In Italy it is still a regualr on most menus so temptation is all around me! However, for … Continue reading