New year, new me, with a side of lemon meringue pie

So I’m a little late coming to the “new year” blog party but as with all good resolutions I’ve been throwing myself into a new running routine and get fit regime. So far so good! It doesn’t of course mean that I haven’t been cooking or eating but I have been falling back on old … Continue reading

Coconut Boobies. A fairly healthy sweet treat!

So it’s a new year and a new start for many as new year resolutions and diets are top of the agenda. My own resolution is to pick up where I left off on my exercise regime and continue eating healthily. I’m not a fan of diets and as such could never willingly give up … Continue reading

To my friend, the king of the tarts!

A friend of ours is renowned for turning up to every party, luncheon, bbq (you name it!) with the same wafer thin quiche-come-tart of ham and egg. Not once in 5 years have I seen a deviation from this recipe and whilst it’s always well received just once I’d love to fall off my chair … Continue reading

Recipe: An end to meringue madness with a Forest Fruit Pavlova to be proud of!

It’s been a busy weekend in the Sambolino household with some back breaking work chopping logs in the garden followed by digging our new veggie patch so we can put our green fingers to the test, not to mention sweeping unwanted scorpions from the kitchen where they seem to have taken up residence. Add to … Continue reading