Confused by food….lets be friends!

Food glorious food…lets be friends! Eating healthily really begins with understanding food and choosing foods which fuel our body and give us the energy we need. I often hear people say they can’t cook or are intimidated by recipe books or quite simply they just don’t know much about food so this article is a … Continue reading

A Fish-off with my brother!

As so often happens when I come back to the UK I spend days on end lunching and dining out as I do the rounds catching up with friends and family. I usually start off loving it as I overdose on all the things I can’t easily find in Italy; Indian, Asian, Mexican, not to … Continue reading

Recipe: Hooray for potatoes with home-made Fish & Chips

I’m just back from a 3 day trip to Dublin and similar to my trips back home to the UK I always return to Italy craving certain foods. An obvious one with Ireland is potatoes. I love potatoes in every form; mashed, baked, chipped, roasted, boiled and often wonder at how easily I’ve abandoned the … Continue reading