Strawberry Jam

So I arrived in the UK this week to find my mums garden bursting with strawberries and a note on the table saying “pick as many as you can”! With my mum holidaying in France it has fallen to me to look after the veggie patch which is no mean task as it’s pretty big … Continue reading

Hazelnut meringues for mum

I’ve spent days, months and years trying to master meringues and as a friend kindly pointed out at one of my recent dinner parties “you’ve finally cracked it!” Past disasters have led to many an Eton Mess to disguise my misdemeanours in the kitchen but this recipe has been a fail safe. I first cooked … Continue reading

Tomato, Mascarpone and Zucchini flan with aromatic herb salad

We eat more zucchini per capita in our household than any other vegetable as it is virtually the national vegetable of Italy and also one of the easiest “green” things that my husband will eat! Interestingly it is botanically regarded as a fruit, despite most frequently being referred to and cooked as a vegetable. So next time you … Continue reading

Strawberries from the garden with lemon and sugar

Last year we grew the sum total of about 6 strawberries with one ripening each week. Needless to say there weren’t many recipes on my blog which called for strawberries! So you can imagine my delight yesterday evening when I returned home after a week away to find this booty of strawberries nestling amongst the … Continue reading

Hot Cross Bun Bread – Not just for Easter

Last Easter I made Hot Cross Buns for the first time as they are one of my favourite Easter treats that I miss now that I live in Italy, home to the equally delicious but, not quite the same, Easter Colomba (think Panettone but with candied fruit). Having painstakingly rolled out 20 or so buns last year it … Continue reading

Pâte Sablée Mince pies

You can’t beat a home made mincemeat pie with crumbly pastry and that buttery goodness that shop bought pies quite simply don’t have. Last year I laboured over home made puff pastry with its many folds and turns but this year I’ve elected for the easier “Pâte Sablée” which is a more delicate pastry that … Continue reading

Ready steady pancakes….preparing for Shrove Tuesday

As Pancake day, aka Shrove Tuesday, comes round once again I have decided it is high time I find out a little more about the history of Shrove Tuesday and not just indulge in the eating of pancakes, although I’ll obviously be doing some of that too! In modern times the wheels of marketing have … Continue reading

Feeling Fruity? Mix it up with these great summer smoothies!

Fruit – love it or loathe it there is no denying that the summer months are fruit-a-plenty and there are lots of ways to incorporate it in your diet. My husband is what I like to call “fruit shy” and so, like a child, I have to entice him with bite sized fruity nibbles or … Continue reading