Just one word….Hummus

It has taken me a while to complete my series on Israeli food following my trip last summer but here I am with the centre piece of all Israeli tables…hummus! I’ve been in love with hummus for years and have bought every variety known to mankind from deli’s and supermarkets but nothing quite beats the … Continue reading

Griddled aubergine with garlic, lemon and pomegranate seeds

One of the things I loved in Israel was the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice which was amazingly sharp and sweet at the same time. This dish carries the pomegranate seeds perfectly and is delicate, fragrant, citrus and yet smooth. The only downside is that 4 aubergines amounts to very little flesh so you’re left wanting … Continue reading

Strawberry Jam

So I arrived in the UK this week to find my mums garden bursting with strawberries and a note on the table saying “pick as many as you can”! With my mum holidaying in France it has fallen to me to look after the veggie patch which is no mean task as it’s pretty big … Continue reading

A Lemony drizzley dream!

I recently revived my childhood favourite dessert of Lemon meringue pie and whilst on a roll with my love of lemons I have since turned to a Mary Berry Lemon Drizzle dream. The great thing with a tray bake, as I discovered, is that you literally bung all in the ingredients together and beat. Hooray! … Continue reading

Spicy Beetroot Chutney

My mother has been the world’s biggest fan of beetroot for as long as I can remember and on one of her recent trips to visit me in Italy I was presented with 4 big ones. She no doubt hoped I’d cook them up so she could indulge from home to home but alas there … Continue reading

Salmon fishing in Brianza!

A few years ago my husband and his favourite travel buddy, a 6ft dutchman called Krijn, visited Yemen and came home more excited than I think I’ve ever seen him. The wonder of the buildings, the people, the culture…not to mention the many hundreds of photos (one of which went on to be published in … Continue reading

Strawberries from the garden with lemon and sugar

Last year we grew the sum total of about 6 strawberries with one ripening each week. Needless to say there weren’t many recipes on my blog which called for strawberries! So you can imagine my delight yesterday evening when I returned home after a week away to find this booty of strawberries nestling amongst the … Continue reading

Making marmalade with mum

I’ve come to the realisation that renovating and decorating an extremely old property and managing an 8 month old baby are detrimental to blogging! So if you’ve been wondering about the prolonged silence here at An eye for food I hold my hands up and admit that I am not the super women I believed … Continue reading

Christmas Stuffed chicken breasts

Why carve a turkey when you can stuff a chicken? I admit, not a question that one is faced with very often but when it arises I vote for the chicken breast any day. It’s not that I don’t love a big turkey with all the trimmings but I am a self confessed loather of … Continue reading

TFIF (Thank fully it’s Friday!) – A little caper with Cod!

Us Brits are renowned for our fish Friday and whether it’s traditional fish & chips, a perfectly griddled tuna steak, a prawn curry with a cool Tiger beer, it remains one of the few food traditions that seems to have stuck. This dish is as easy as a Friday night at home is relaxing and … Continue reading