Pâte Sablée Mince pies

You can’t beat a home made mincemeat pie with crumbly pastry and that buttery goodness that shop bought pies quite simply don’t have. Last year I laboured over home made puff pastry with its many folds and turns but this year I’ve elected for the easier “Pâte Sablée” which is a more delicate pastry that … Continue reading

The first Christmas dinner of the season

I love Christmas! Last weekend we had our first Christmas lunch of the season with a mixed group of Anglo-Italian and German friends which inevitably led to an ecclectic array of dishes reflecting our various traditions. To say we ate well is an understatement as there was enough food to feed a small army but … Continue reading

Probably the best Mincemeat pies ever!

My quest for the perfect Christmas dinner continues and today’s main accomplishment are my mincemeat pies made with my very own puff pastry. High Five! For years I’ve been negligently tucking into my nanna’s mincemeat pies without knowing just how much work went into the pastry and now I feel like king of the kitchen! … Continue reading

Help I’m hosting Christmas! Part One……..

Yes, at the grand old age of 35 I am finally hosting my first Christmas and by Christmas I mean a double whammy of christmas eve dinner and christmas day lunch, gulp! To add to my nerves I’m hosting my Italian family so the pressure is on to give them a truly British menu with … Continue reading