Slow cooked Aga lamb

I’ve just had a wonderful week back home in England and inevitably much of it was spent eating and catching up with friends and family. I love how when sat round the kitchen table over a hot dinner it feels like no time has passed since I was last home. Strangely comforting and yet surreal … Continue reading

Rhubarb, Orange & Mint Trifle

Now I confess right from the off that I stole this recipe from my good friend Sabine who made this delicious dessert for a May Day BBQ last week and although it wasn’t explicitly made for me, lets just say that my love of rhubarb strongly influenced her choice of dessert. I’ve had to make this from memory … Continue reading

Aromatic Pork & Pumpkin Casserole

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my casserole pot is bubbling… I’ve said it many a time but I love winter and I love wintery food. Casseroles, Hotpots and Pies all appeal to my anarchic style of free-styling in the kitchen. No real recipe or exact quantities required just a sense of what flavours work well together. … Continue reading

Tomato, Mascarpone and Zucchini flan with aromatic herb salad

We eat more zucchini per capita in our household than any other vegetable as it is virtually the national vegetable of Italy and also one of the easiest “green” things that my husband will eat! Interestingly it is botanically regarded as a fruit, despite most frequently being referred to and cooked as a vegetable. So next time you … Continue reading

Summer seafood salad, crudo and melone and stracciatella with tomatoes

So summer has finally arrived here in the north of Italy and for the last week we’ve enjoyed temperatures in the mid 30’s leading to much excited al fresco dining in the Sambolino household. We’ve managed breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors most days and when the humidity has become too much we’ve had the luxury of … Continue reading

Baked custard pots with rhubarb & mint

Every time I ever make a dish that requires egg whites only I struggle to find something quick and easy to use up the yolks. It’s that dilemma of in order to make one dessert you’re obliged to make two leading to the inevitable question of “do I really need to eat 2?” Obviously not … Continue reading

Rice and Peas…

Rice and Peas, and no not the caribbean kind, but good old fashioned long grain rice and green peas make for a great autumn-winter rice salad as you can cheat and use tinned or frozen peas together with other ingredients easily sourced all year round.  I can’t manage to say “Rice and Peas” without affecing … Continue reading

Sponsored Recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Ravioloni with sautéed courgette and mint

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve been testing various fresh pasta products from renowned producer Alibert, experts in luxury fresh pasta that can be cooked traditionally in boiling water or more innovatively directly in the pan with sauce. I’ve loved the flexibility of having these two cooking methods as it not … Continue reading

Courgette Chutney to inspire Chef Enrico Fiorentini

My neighbours continue to pepper me with their home-grown vegetables and not wanting to offend anyone, despite harvesting a few of my own veggies, I keep accepting baskets of salad and most recently courgettes (zucchine). Fantastic you might think but the bottom line is that there are still only two mouths to feed in my … Continue reading

Happy memories meandering up the Mekong in search of noodle soup

This ever-changing weather is causing chaos with my taste buds and I find myself flitting from salad on hot days to jacket spuds on cold days to soup on humid days and in particular noodle soup, a favourite of mine from my sweaty travels in South-East Asia. Now I know that in the UK you’ve … Continue reading