Asparagus Tart with semi-confit cherry tomatoes

I’ve fallen in love with these semi-confit cherry tomatoes which I used to decorate my asparagus tart. They look amazing, taste amazing and are so simple to prepare. I think they may become my official dish decorator for 2014 as they transform everything into an art piece!! And whilst I’m busy raving I should also … Continue reading

TFIF (Thankfully it’s Friday): Speedy swordfish supper

Swordfish may not be one of the most politically correct fish to be eating these days as its numbers are fast diminishing but it sure is delicious and every now and then I succumb to eating it. In Italy it is still a regualr on most menus so temptation is all around me! However, for … Continue reading

Recipe: Veggie patch pride feeding into a Chicken, lime, mint & coriander tandoori

So my back aches and I have blisters between my thumb and forefinger from incessant digging but our inaugural veggie patch is now a reality, hooray! To say that we were both bloody knackered after our day’s endeavours is an under statement but if further proof be needed I even slept through last night’s penalty … Continue reading

Recipe: From left over chilli con carne to enchiladas on the mexican blanket!

My mexican blanket is having a busy few days what with the drop in temperatures so what better way to honour it than with a few spicy enchiladas to use up some left over chilli con carne. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in mexican cooking but I am partial to a little, … Continue reading