“Pizza on the sofa” Sunday

Being a couch potato in our house means snuggling up on a Sunday afternoon with a freshly cooked pizza and glass of bubbly! A sommelier once told me that pizza is perfectly complemented by a glass of champers as the yeast in the dough works magically with the natural fermentation used in creating champagne. Essentially … Continue reading

My love affair with Feta continues – Stuffed chicken with feta, tomatoes, olives and thyme

Having been pregnant for a large part of this year I spent a lot of time having to think about which foods I could safely eat and Feta has been my pasturised go-to cheese of the year. I love it’s taste and texture and it works well in so many recipes that I have used … Continue reading

“Birthday Bread” with fresh oregano e black olives for an impromptu lunch date with friends

Despite rising temperatures here in Italy I braved the heat and my oven to make bread and focaccia for a Sunday lunch amongst friends, one of which is self-confessed bread lover Lisa, whose birthday it just so happens to be today so “Happy Birthday” and another of which, Krijn, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday … Continue reading

Sun, Showers and an abundance of Salad!

The weather is a common theme in my daily routine. On waking my neighbours regale me with the latest focrecast including sniff tests (apparantly they can smell water in the air!) as well as wind analysis, cloud cover and the like. My success in the garden is largely due to this ecclectic group of pensioners … Continue reading

Who knew that “going Greek” could be so rude!

Sometimes curiosity can definitely get the better of you as I discovered today when I decided to google “going Greek” to see if it had any meaning. My reason for this google search was quite innocent as I thought I might find a little nugget to accompany my post on Greek salad but I wasn’t … Continue reading

Recipe: Auguri it’s Liberation Day in Italia – Let’s eat Pizza Spazzacamino!

Here in Italy we have a public holiday today to mark the anniversary of the 1945 fall of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic better known as Liberation Day. The day marks the date of independence from the nazi -fascist occupation in 1945 and celebrates the birth of the new Republic of Italy.  With the local comune … Continue reading