Family-friendly Lasagne layered with erbette

Lasagne is a classic Italian dish that has been replicated the world over, given fancy twists, as well as the odd badly thought out massacre and yet it remains one of the most satisfying dishes both as a winter dinner or a summer dish with salad. Its comfort food at its best. It’s a great … Continue reading

Did someone say Spag Bol?!

“Spag Bol” my husband scoffs at me as I serve up a steaming bowl of spaghetti topped with a meat ragout. It’s up there with cappuccinos after lunchtime, pizza with pineapple, or worse still sweet corn, in his handbook of “when foreigners mess with Italian food”! If you think I’m exaggerating then let me stress … Continue reading

In discovery of Alibert Pasta Fresca – Part One “Adventures in Gnocchi”

Every now and then I get approached by a company to write a product review or article in English to showcase their range and more importantly put them in touch with a new consumer base. This was the case with Alibert, La Pasta Fresca Italiana, producers of fresh Italian pasta who recently sent me a … Continue reading

Recipe: Spring fever has me running back to a winter warmer ragu.

Just as we were celebrating the arrival of spring, down came the rains and on popped the heating as temperatures plummeted once more. As I write I am huddled in my beloved mexican blanket, a lurid pink, yellow and green affair that has kept me snug for over 20 years and adorned many a friend … Continue reading

Trapped at home with the builders…so I made a lasagne!

If you have ever experienced a house full of builders, drilling, banging, knocking, and shouting (loudly!) then you’ll understand my need to lock  myself away and not come out till it’s their home time. This has been my life for the past two weeks and whilst in my saner moments I am able to walk … Continue reading