Turkey curry…not just for Christmas!

Or should that read “not just for the Christmas leftovers”! Turkey is one of those funny meats that aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas doesn’t get much airtime. It can often be dry if not cooked to perfection and some claim it has a stronger “gamier” flavour versus chicken. That said, it’s a surprisingly lean meat, … Continue reading

Left over Beef Bollito and potato curried soup

Quick and easy and perfect for a quick lunch. One of the best left overs of cooking Bollito (see my post on 31st oct) is that you are left with a rich stock and, if you’re lucky, some left over beef to create this tasty soup. ingredients 1 litre meat stock, left over beef (shredded), … Continue reading

New Potato salad with red onion, chives and chopped mint

I’ve really got my fellow blogger at Frugal Feeding to thank for this as his post on 23rd May  http://frugalfeeding.com/2012/05/23/new-potato-spring-onion-and-wild-garlic-salad/ made me revisit the humble potato salad which for years I’ve given a wide bearth along with other mayonnaise heavy dishes such as coleslaw and coronation chicken. If truth be told I actually love all … Continue reading

Spring showers and a veggie soup love-in with crunchy prosciutto

Showers and thunderstorms have marked this spring and if the forecasts are to be believed it’s not over yet. I’m such a sucker for comfort food that the moment the dark clouds roll in I crack open the champagne and celebrate another day of winter warmers. Soup is one of my favourite things and my … Continue reading

What’s your party trick…anyone for a little gnocchi?

Is it just me or do all men have a culinary party trick that every so often, typically in front of guests, they let out of the box and polish till it shines? Don’t get me wrong a man that cooks is up there in my top ten of great things but what inspires many … Continue reading