Asparagus Tart with semi-confit cherry tomatoes

I’ve fallen in love with these semi-confit cherry tomatoes which I used to decorate my asparagus tart. They look amazing, taste amazing and are so simple to prepare. I think they may become my official dish decorator for 2014 as they transform everything into an art piece!! And whilst I’m busy raving I should also … Continue reading

Recipe: Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington Ingredients: Good Beef Fillet (Ideally Aberdeen Angus) – 1kg / 2lb 4oz, Olive Oil, 2 x packs of shop bought puff pastry (rectangular), 200-250g mushrooms, thyme, 12 slices of prosciutto crudo (parma ham), 1 beaten egg for glazing, flour, Cling film. Preparation: 30 mins + c. 60 mins roasting (in 2 seperate occassions) … Continue reading

Probably the best Mincemeat pies ever!

My quest for the perfect Christmas dinner continues and today’s main accomplishment are my mincemeat pies made with my very own puff pastry. High Five! For years I’ve been negligently tucking into my nanna’s mincemeat pies without knowing just how much work went into the pastry and now I feel like king of the kitchen! … Continue reading

Help I’m hosting Christmas! Part One……..

Yes, at the grand old age of 35 I am finally hosting my first Christmas and by Christmas I mean a double whammy of christmas eve dinner and christmas day lunch, gulp! To add to my nerves I’m hosting my Italian family so the pressure is on to give them a truly British menu with … Continue reading