Super-worm noodles for tea!

Super worm is super long…super worm is super strong… and so goes the much loved Julian Donaldson story. If like mine, your kids are super fans of her books then they’ll love this vegetable noodle stir fry with its super worm noodles and its a great dish for adding in a wide variety of vegetables … Continue reading

A Fish-off with my brother!

As so often happens when I come back to the UK I spend days on end lunching and dining out as I do the rounds catching up with friends and family. I usually start off loving it as I overdose on all the things I can’t easily find in Italy; Indian, Asian, Mexican, not to … Continue reading

Hot Cross Bun Bread – Not just for Easter

Last Easter I made Hot Cross Buns for the first time as they are one of my favourite Easter treats that I miss now that I live in Italy, home to the equally delicious but, not quite the same, Easter Colomba (think Panettone but with candied fruit). Having painstakingly rolled out 20 or so buns last year it … Continue reading

Coconut Boobies. A fairly healthy sweet treat!

So it’s a new year and a new start for many as new year resolutions and diets are top of the agenda. My own resolution is to pick up where I left off on my exercise regime and continue eating healthily. I’m not a fan of diets and as such could never willingly give up … Continue reading

Rice and Peas…

Rice and Peas, and no not the caribbean kind, but good old fashioned long grain rice and green peas make for a great autumn-winter rice salad as you can cheat and use tinned or frozen peas together with other ingredients easily sourced all year round.  I can’t manage to say “Rice and Peas” without affecing … Continue reading

My love affair with Feta continues – Stuffed chicken with feta, tomatoes, olives and thyme

Having been pregnant for a large part of this year I spent a lot of time having to think about which foods I could safely eat and Feta has been my pasturised go-to cheese of the year. I love it’s taste and texture and it works well in so many recipes that I have used … Continue reading

At home with the builders (again!) et voila, un Pear Clafoutis…c’est tres bon!

I’m a bit of a francophile having spent a lifetime holidaying in the south of France and also living in Le Mans during my university years, and I regularly butt good humoured heads with my Italian friends over who has the best wine and cuisine. The Italians, as indeed are the French, are extremely proud … Continue reading

Chestnut and Chocolate Cake

Chestnut season has officially arrived! How do I know this? Because last week my friendly neighbours kindly bought me a basket big enough to feed a small army which left me with the challenge of what on earth to do with so many chestnuts. After boiling and roasting a few I decided to scour the … Continue reading

A few jars of tomato sunshine to brighten the winter months ahead

Our fledging vegetable patch went from strength to strength this year and it is safe to say that we’ve been well and truly bitten by the self sufficiency bug of eating our own fresh produce for as much of the year as possible. Despite having only a small crop we’ve still been able to preserve … Continue reading

Sponsored Recipe – Alibert Pasta Fresca – Ravioloni with sautéed courgette and mint

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve been testing various fresh pasta products from renowned producer Alibert, experts in luxury fresh pasta that can be cooked traditionally in boiling water or more innovatively directly in the pan with sauce. I’ve loved the flexibility of having these two cooking methods as it not … Continue reading