Rhubarb, Orange & Mint Trifle

Now I confess right from the off that I stole this recipe from my good friend Sabine who made this delicious dessert for a May Day BBQ last week and although it wasn’t explicitly made for me, lets just say that my love of rhubarb strongly influenced her choice of dessert. I’ve had to make this from memory … Continue reading

Baked custard pots with rhubarb & mint

Every time I ever make a dish that requires egg whites only I struggle to find something quick and easy to use up the yolks. It’s that dilemma of in order to make one dessert you’re obliged to make two leading to the inevitable question of “do I really need to eat 2?” Obviously not … Continue reading

Pastry Cutter Pear & Rhubarb Flan

Last christmas my good friend CJ brought me a pastry cutter for creating a lattice effect after we watched a cookery show with baked apples in lattice pastry and I’ve spent the entire year feeling guilty for not using it. That is until now of course. With a tree full of pears in the garden … Continue reading

Peach & Rhubarb Roulade for a summer supper with friends

My desserts are slowly and surely improving although amongst friends I’m still known for a few of my previous Bridget Jones catastrophes, not quite as bad as purple soup, but I’ve had to make a few creative saves to salvage some recipes gone astray. The most frustrating thing is that desserts are the “piece de … Continue reading

Pimm’s o’clock with a rhubarb and lemon Pimm’s-infused jelly

It’s getting hot hot hot here in the north of Italy and in search of something cool and refreshing for a lunchtime dessert I recently made some cheeky little Pimm’s, rhubarb and lemon jellies as part of my ongoing campaign to get Italians to fall in love with rhubarb. Things are gathering momentum and so … Continue reading

An Asian bean salad for German friends and a few hesitant Italians!

A constant source of amusement for me here in Italy is just how reticent some Italian friends can be at trying food from other cultures or, god forbid, foreign ingredients. I don’t think I’ve ever met a population so blissfully content with their own cuisine, sublime though it is, and as a result so reluctant … Continue reading

Recipe: An end to meringue madness with a Forest Fruit Pavlova to be proud of!

It’s been a busy weekend in the Sambolino household with some back breaking work chopping logs in the garden followed by digging our new veggie patch so we can put our green fingers to the test, not to mention sweeping unwanted scorpions from the kitchen where they seem to have taken up residence. Add to … Continue reading