Coronation Chicken with Fennel

Coronation Chicken is one of those seemingly  old-fashioned dishes that continually gets revived and goes from strength to strength. I remember reading around the times of the Queen’s Jubilee and Will & Kate’s royal wedding that street parties up and down the country were rolling out their versions of coronation chicken in celebration and in actual fact … Continue reading

Hugh’s 3 simple things in a salad; tomato, bread and olive oil salad

One of the few cookery programs that I really fell in love with last year was Hugh’s 3 good things with chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Each week Hugh and 2 guest chefs competed to win the best recipes using just 3 ingredients and it was this simplicity that really appealed. Many of the combinations in … Continue reading

Summer seafood salad, crudo and melone and stracciatella with tomatoes

So summer has finally arrived here in the north of Italy and for the last week we’ve enjoyed temperatures in the mid 30’s leading to much excited al fresco dining in the Sambolino household. We’ve managed breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors most days and when the humidity has become too much we’ve had the luxury of … Continue reading

A Fish-off with my brother!

As so often happens when I come back to the UK I spend days on end lunching and dining out as I do the rounds catching up with friends and family. I usually start off loving it as I overdose on all the things I can’t easily find in Italy; Indian, Asian, Mexican, not to … Continue reading

“You’ve been Tangoed” with a quick and easy Carrot and Cranberry salad

This is one of the simplest and freshest salads you can make and I love the sweetness of the carrot and cranberries combined with the cider vinegar in the dressing. I recently tried this salad on a visit to Dublin as an accompaniament to grilled chicken and whilst I don’t know the dressing they used … Continue reading

Sun, Showers and an abundance of Salad!

The weather is a common theme in my daily routine. On waking my neighbours regale me with the latest focrecast including sniff tests (apparantly they can smell water in the air!) as well as wind analysis, cloud cover and the like. My success in the garden is largely due to this ecclectic group of pensioners … Continue reading

TFIF (Thankfully it’s Friday): Speedy swordfish supper

Swordfish may not be one of the most politically correct fish to be eating these days as its numbers are fast diminishing but it sure is delicious and every now and then I succumb to eating it. In Italy it is still a regualr on most menus so temptation is all around me! However, for … Continue reading

Recipe: From left over chilli con carne to enchiladas on the mexican blanket!

My mexican blanket is having a busy few days what with the drop in temperatures so what better way to honour it than with a few spicy enchiladas to use up some left over chilli con carne. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in mexican cooking but I am partial to a little, … Continue reading