Family-friendly Lasagne layered with erbette

Lasagne is a classic Italian dish that has been replicated the world over, given fancy twists, as well as the odd badly thought out massacre and yet it remains one of the most satisfying dishes both as a winter dinner or a summer dish with salad. Its comfort food at its best. It’s a great … Continue reading

Hugh’s 3 simple things in a salad; tomato, bread and olive oil salad

One of the few cookery programs that I really fell in love with last year was Hugh’s 3 good things with chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Each week Hugh and 2 guest chefs competed to win the best recipes using just 3 ingredients and it was this simplicity that really appealed. Many of the combinations in … Continue reading

“Pizza on the sofa” Sunday

Being a couch potato in our house means snuggling up on a Sunday afternoon with a freshly cooked pizza and glass of bubbly! A sommelier once told me that pizza is perfectly complemented by a glass of champers as the yeast in the dough works magically with the natural fermentation used in creating champagne. Essentially … Continue reading

Spicy Prawn and lentil curry

So this year on hols I finally got my husband, the self proclaimed fish hater, eating seafood. To be fair, we were in Cape Town and the prawns, crayfish, lobster, squid, local fish were all amazing, aided too by the beautiful surroundings, but I couldn’t help but try my luck now that we’re back home. … Continue reading

Summer lasagne

One of the things I’ve learnt since living in Italy is that there are as many variations on a classic lasagne as there are cars on the road. Everyone has their own take on it not to mention the red (tomato), green (pesto) and white (béchamel) versions; so nearly the Italian flag!, which regularly pop … Continue reading

Tomato, Mascarpone and Zucchini flan with aromatic herb salad

We eat more zucchini per capita in our household than any other vegetable as it is virtually the national vegetable of Italy and also one of the easiest “green” things that my husband will eat! Interestingly it is botanically regarded as a fruit, despite most frequently being referred to and cooked as a vegetable. So next time you … Continue reading

Summer seafood salad, crudo and melone and stracciatella with tomatoes

So summer has finally arrived here in the north of Italy and for the last week we’ve enjoyed temperatures in the mid 30’s leading to much excited al fresco dining in the Sambolino household. We’ve managed breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors most days and when the humidity has become too much we’ve had the luxury of … Continue reading

A few jars of tomato sunshine to brighten the winter months ahead

Our fledging vegetable patch went from strength to strength this year and it is safe to say that we’ve been well and truly bitten by the self sufficiency bug of eating our own fresh produce for as much of the year as possible. Despite having only a small crop we’ve still been able to preserve … Continue reading

Who knew that “going Greek” could be so rude!

Sometimes curiosity can definitely get the better of you as I discovered today when I decided to google “going Greek” to see if it had any meaning. My reason for this google search was quite innocent as I thought I might find a little nugget to accompany my post on Greek salad but I wasn’t … Continue reading