My first foray into Empanadas

This was an accidental experiment in that when I entered the kitchen in search of some inspiration I had no idea what I may end up cooking that day. All I knew was that I fancied pastry, and when my book fell open at Empanadas a small spark was ignited. I tasted Empanadas for the … Continue reading

Super-worm noodles for tea!

Super worm is super long…super worm is super strong… and so goes the much loved Julian Donaldson story. If like mine, your kids are super fans of her books then they’ll love this vegetable noodle stir fry with its super worm noodles and its a great dish for adding in a wide variety of vegetables … Continue reading

Beetroot Puree with (or without) greek yoghurt

So I have recently returned from a trip to Israel and have been inspired both by the food I ate there and by my new love, Yotam Ottolenghi, to try a few recipes from his fabulous book “Jerusalem”. I test drove this recipe recently with friends as part of a mezze starter and then recreated … Continue reading

Chilly no more with Vegetarian Chilli con carne

We’re currently basking in warmth having just replaced all of our windows and doors and after surviving last winter with masking tape around many of our windows we are now officially draft free. Last year my cooking reflected the temperature of the house and we lived on a diet of soup and spice to keep … Continue reading

A few jars of tomato sunshine to brighten the winter months ahead

Our fledging vegetable patch went from strength to strength this year and it is safe to say that we’ve been well and truly bitten by the self sufficiency bug of eating our own fresh produce for as much of the year as possible. Despite having only a small crop we’ve still been able to preserve … Continue reading

Fridge-raiding Cheese on Vege for supper

After 2 weeks in the UK I have alas come home to an empty fridge complete with one mouldy cucumber and a pear on the verge of exploding! Having spent the best part of my two weeks doing morning coffee, lunch, tea and cakes and dinner with various friends and family my waistline could really do … Continue reading

Let there be joy at Joia….

Last night after much anticipation I finally had the chance to dine at Milan’s michelin starred vegetarian restaurant, Joia. Having heard rave reviews and with their all natural philosophy I was curious to see how Joia interpreted the world of vegetarian cuisine and just what made their menu so special. I had already had a … Continue reading