A return to the newly Michelin starred “Alice” in Wonderland

When a restaurant receives it’s first Michelin star the risk is that the fame goes to one’s head and what was once a great eatery can turn into a pretentious show piece. Thankfully that was not the case last night when I returned to Milan’s “Alice” restaurant with a couple of friends, one of whom … Continue reading

“Aggiungi un pasto a tavola” at one of Milan’s Comunal Markets

The Comune of  Milan has recruited some of the food industries top names to give their comunal markets a facelift and encourage consumers back to shopping in one of the 26 comunal markets that denote the various quartieres of Milan. For a long time neglected and superceded by the 95 weekly street markets and continued … Continue reading

Taste of Milano 2011.. a new year, a new venue and a new experience!

After a busy week of events that saw me helping Pause Tea at both Gail’s garden party in Hampstead and at the Southbank for the Thames Festival my week finished with the opening night of the much anticipated second edition of Taste of Milano. After its inaugural year at Parco Sempione the 2011 event was … Continue reading

In the words of chefs

At Food and Foodies Simone and I have recently been working on our new restaurant guide for Milan which we’ve developed a round the central theme of “recommendations”. Unlike other guides that look for consumer rating and votes, we decided we wanted to create a guide that puts the power “of words” back into the … Continue reading